12 Small Changes To Improve The Quality Of Your life

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You always wanted to know how to improve the quality of your life in small ways? 

This post is perfect for you, if you feel motivated to make some changes here and there. 

Get habit ideas that will drastically make your life feel more harmonious. 

The magic lays in our daily routines. What we do regularly is what shapes our future. The person we become.

By integrating small healthy/grounding habits every day, you embody the ideal version of yourself already now, in the present moment.

Here are some ideas on how to improve your life on the daily. Feel free to add your own favorite habits to feel more grounded and healthier!

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Add some plants to your life

Besides the fact that they look beyond pleasant and up-level every room, they also purify the air.

So double win I would say. It’s a nice way to add some extra life to our homes. Especially if we don’t share it with someone else.

It’s also so rewarding to take care of plants and see how they grow. You can definitely see the fruits of your labor (sometimes even literally).

They also naturally help to enhance the frequency in the room. Like a little uplifting friend.



You should for sure give them a chance to make powerful changes in your life.

Choosing the right crystal for your current life circumstances is a very intuitive process.

As I was diving into the world of crystals, I got a little overwhelmed, as they are so, so many. 

Crystals are definitely connected to spiritual experiences. That’s why it’s so important to go with the ones that truly speak to you and align with the changes you want to make in your life.

You can be sure that there is a crystal for every need you could have: (self) love, abundance, protection, wisdom, inspiration, money, focus, grounding, etc.



Make your water bottle your new accessory

You’ve probably already heard it 100 times, me too, but still, it’s important to repeat it over and over again, as we still find ourselves dehydrated from time to time.

If there were just a perfect solution to prevent us from that disaster. 🙂  Like a water bottle that doesn’t fit just 12 oz.

It truly doesn’t take a lot to fill our bottles every morning with fresh water or tea and just take it with us.

Of Course, a huge bonus is to place it somewhere where we can see it.

Maybe as well to get a sense of gratification of how much we already drank.

Oh, and if you aren’t quite a fan of plain water, you can add some fresh fruit or try unsweetened tea.

Water filter

As we are talking about water, a water filter pitcher is recommended as well. The quality of water can vary a lot depending on where we live.  The filter inside of the Brita water filter pitcher reduces Chlorine (taste and odor), Copper, Mercury and Cadmium.


Write down your ideas right away

We all have those random ideas coming to mind: topics we’d like to research, things we need or want to do, spiritual insights, or hits of inspiration. 

And more often than we should, we think we’ll remember to write it down later.

Let me just say it very clearly here now, we don’t!

I highly recommend writing everything down immediately.

Personally, I just use the notes app on my phone or my bullet journal. Later on, I schedule them into my planner if needed.

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Having an organization tool

Once we’ve written down our thoughts and ideas, it’s important to organize them to not just let them grow old wherever we’ve captured them when things needed to go fast.

There are plenty of options to organize our ideas.

First of all, we can schedule them into our planner for things we would like to do.

Like meeting a friend, we haven’t seen in a while.

For bigger goals which have a lot of steps to take before reaching them, or require habits you need to think of every day or week, I’d like to use an app to help me stay on top of all the things.


As we all know there are a lot of apps that can help you with your goals and dreams and with your motivation.

 Just try out a bunch and see what works best for you. 

I still write down most of my ideas and thoughts in my notes app but to take action on those ideas I use an organization app and schedule them in.

Most of them send you a daily reminder with your action steps and daily habits to reach your dream.

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Have a bunch of journals

In my opinion, you can never have too many journals. There’s always use for it. Let me give you some quick inspiration with how I use mine:

  • bullet journal as daily/weekly/monthly planner and habit tracker -> in use every day 
  • research journal where I write down information, I get from watching business/health/productivity/spirituality related YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, or visiting other blogs or online classes
  • Budget Tracker: writing down my income and expenses every month
  • Dream Journal: writing down dreams I had every morning (I should do that more often)
  • Classic Journal: writing down thoughts, current feelings, dreams/desires, writing prompts, journal exercises, just perfect to get unwanted thoughts out of your head
  • Journal for insights I got from Tarot readings: although I have to say that recently I use my notes app with a picture of the reading more often
  • A separate journal where I write down ALL my dreams and goals, also long-term ones, or goals that aren’t on schedule now but important down the line. Reflecting those goals every now and then to check off what is completed and what I would like to implement in my life next
  • A journal where I write down my favorite lyrics or quotes I like


Read at least 10 minutes every day

There is so much to learn. For every interest or hobby there are thousands of books available.

It’s so easy for us to have access to yearlong research.

This is for sure one of the easiest ways to improve your life, and yet such a powerful one.

Give yourself at least 10 minutes every day to expand your perception of the world.

Open yourself up to new ways of thinking, which will help you make healthy changes in your life.

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Listen to Podcasts or Audiobooks

If sitting still and staying concentrated isn’t your thing or you just don’t find time for reading, listening to an audiobook or podcasts are a perfect alternative.

The topics covered in podcasts are way more specific than in books. So we can get very targeted information that maybe doesn’t even exist in books form.


Prepare the night before to have less trouble in the morning

Having everything in place so that you don’t need to rush through the morning is a must change.

Who likes to think about what to wear while being still half asleep?

Here are the things you can prepare in the evening to have a peaceful morning:

  • Choose your outfit for the next day
  • Pack your bag
  • Prepare and pack your lunch for the next day
  • Set the table
  • place a glass of water on your night stand that you drink first thing in the morning
  • Fill the water kettle before going to sleep so that you just need to turn it on in the morning


Have a playlist for every mood

No matter how you feel, always having a playlist to support you is a great thing, as music is always improving your life.

Here you can find my blog post with a playlist having all the happy songs to cheer you up.

Just add your favorite songs and start to dance, or cry, or relax.



No better life-changer than this one.

Answers to the big questions will only emerge in silence.

You won’t find them in any of the other ways.

Just sit down, close your eyes, have no expectations, and see what happens (with your inner eye).

The inner journey is different for all of us, but I found through meditation that magic is real.

Trusting my inner guidance and all the magical synchronicities that happened along my path were the biggest life-changer for me



Not quite meditation, as you are actively imagining a scene. Preferably your dream life.

You probably heard of this in relation to the law of attraction.

The brain can’t distinguish whether you are just visualizing or actually experiencing your dream life.

The most important part of visualizing is that you feel what you see.

BE there, include all your senses – that’s the best way to truly connect with the scene.

SEEing what is around you, touching things in your close environment.

Don’t doubt what you experience at any time. Believe with your whole being that it is possible because it is.

As a little bonus step after the visualization, you can ask yourself: “What can I do today/this week to feel close to my dream life?”


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