13 ways to include self care and spirituality in your evening routine

Self-Care Night Routine – Relaxing Habits After A Stressful Day

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Do you dream of adding a little more intention and self-care to your night routine? When we come home after a stressful day, we strive for ways that help us to relax and unwind.

And not all the time Netflix is the best option for us. There are so many other things we can do to get the relaxation we are searching for.

These tips will help you to care for yourself so that you go to bed feeling good and take that feeling into the next day.


Slow Yoga

When practicing slow yoga, we give way more attention to our movements, breath, and body responses.

Take your time to connect with your body on a deeper level. Slow yoga gives space for mindfulness which makes it perfect to include in a relaxing night routine.

You can check out some YouTube videos or you come up with your own yoga flow listening to some calm tunes.


No Distraction Dinner

No phone or television in the background. Be all there while you prepare your dinner.

Include your senses, also while you eat. What do you smell? SEE the food on your table. Feel the texture in your mouth. Chew each bite about 30 times to help your digestion and prevent bloating.



Shower And Skincare Routine

Just take some extra five minutes and don’t rush through the bathroom. Take time to smell all the scents surrounding you.

Make the space inviting. Light some wax candles, maybe add some plants to your bathroom, and turn on some soothing music.

Don’t rush when you are tending to your body. We all have five minutes to appreciate what our body does for us. Give back.


Creative Spark

Creativity shows up in so many ways. Don’t be afraid to explore.

Forget about time trying out something new or get lost in your favorite way of expressing yourself.

Here are some ideas:

  • write a short story,
  • learn how to play an instrument,
  • improve your singing voice,
  • learn how to produce a song,
  • draw a random detail from a dream you had last night,
  • rearrange your space, get into home decor,
  • start a bullet journal,
  • create a vision board,
  • try a new recipe,
  • rediscover your closet and put together new outfits,…

(share your ideas in the comments)

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Reflect On Your Dream Life

Reflect on how much you embody your highest version already, connect with your core values.

From that point, you can think of the next step to take. What habits would benefit you to establish?

Break down huge steps into very, very small tangible tasks you can schedule this week.

Always keep in mind that you are already who you wish to be, it’s just that you don’t express that every minute.

When do you feel most like yourself? What are you doing? What layers are between you and your true self?

Healing work is always a part when it comes to creating our dream life.

Knowing your fears and wounds is the first step in releasing them.


Essential Oils

Scents can have a very soothing effect on us. They can help the functioning of our nervous system by lowering our blood pressure and heart rate.

Relaxing essential oils are

  • lavender (can be helpful if you struggle with anxiety, mild depression or insomnia),
  • rose (can be helpful with headaches, grief, and mild depression),
  • bergamot or lemon (can help with mild depression, mood lifting),
  • chamomile (calmness, can help to reduce anxiety),
  • clary sage (soothing, inner peace, hormone balancer).

You can use them together with an aroma diffuser.

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A classic method when it comes to transforming inner turmoil into a way lighter feeling.

Over the day a lot of emotions come up, we might not give enough space to at the moment they occur. Journaling helps to express and release those emotions so that they don’t stay stuck within our bodies.

The writing prompt can be as simple as “How do I feel right now?”. As it gives your emotions the necessary space to emerge.  

13 ways to include self care and spirituality in your night routine

Meditation Or Deep Breathing

To reconnect with the root of what makes us experience life is more powerful than it sounds when people talk about focusing on the breath. (To me this used to sound very boring tbh)

You will never know until you try, right? Sitting down in stillness with ourselves can seem challenging sometimes, especially when we feel a lot of stress.

Although in those times calmness and silence are what we need the most.


Meditation and focused breathing can help us to reconnect with our essence.

It’s not just about feeling more relaxed afterward, it’s a tool to go beyond our physical world and experience what kind of life is possible for us.

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Listen To A Relaxing Playlist

Being surrounded by calming sounds creates an atmosphere in which it is ten times easier to unwind.

Create a playlist with the best songs you can relax to and listen to it whenever you feel like you need to set a calmer mood. Especially after a long day this works wonders.


Tarot Reading

This is a good reflection tool you can include at the end of the day before bed. That’s one of the best times to connect to our intuition.

You can ask your subconsciousness through the cards about recent lessons, what the day has taught you, what to keep in mind moving forward,…

Get creative with your questions.


Read A Good Book

Reading is self-care. It expands your mind to other spheres.

Find out what genre is most relaxing for you. Sometimes re-reading a book you dived into years ago feels beautifully nostalgic and just right for a relaxing evening at home.


Go To Bed On Time

Of course, all the ideas mentioned are great. But realistically you won’t be able to go to bed that early if you try to fit everything into one evening.

That’s why I want to encourage you to pick what feels best at the moment.

Your evening routine doesn’t have to be rigid. Feel free to switch things up as you like.

Let’s keep in mind that our body and mind regenerate when we are asleep.

Find out how many hours work best for you and go to bed around the same time every day. Preferably on the weekends as well.


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