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14 Fun Solo Date Ideas To Increase Your Confidence

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Who says that spending time all by yourself can’t be fun? In this post, I share with you the best self-date ideas.

Giving yourself attention and taking time to do things that bring you joy without the need of having others around is such a beneficial thing to do.

You get to know yourself better, learn how to interact in situations you might find challenging at first and grow with them.

Plus you prove to yourself that you are indeed capable to create your own happiness. The perfect boost for your confidence and independence.

I recommend choosing one afternoon or night every month to do something just for you that makes you feel the spark.

No matter whether you are single or not, self-care solo dates are a great idea for anyone.

solo date ideas


Botanical Garden

Something about being around plants is so relaxing. One of my favorite ways of taking myself on a solo adventure is going to a Botanical Garden.

It’s also an amazing place to get some inspiration for the plant parents out there. 


Go To A Concert

Going to a concert on your own doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Of course, there is a lot of waiting involved, but there are also a lot of people you share a huge similarity with – your taste in music. Which is hard to find these days!

Maybe you find a new friend there, maybe not. Don’t pressure yourself. It’s your date!

the goal is to have fun and to prove that you can make that happen for yourself and by yourself.

Let’s break the social construct of needing a bunch of other people around you to be happy, just to not look all too weird.

During the concert, it’s just one large crowd anyway. And you can sing and dance as awkwardly as you want to. No one you know will ever know!

solo date ideas


Café Date

Did you ever come across a cute café but had no one who wanted to go there with you?

Or you are new in a town and still don’t have someone to try out all the little spots you feel drawn to?

Just go there by yourself! Have your best time sitting in a café while eating yummy cake, maybe bring your favorite book. Embrace the cozy atmosphere.

It’s the perfect place for reading, journaling, and dreaming yourself away – all ideal scenarios to do by yourself.


Explore A Nearby City Or Landmark

When the next big trip is still in distant future or not even planned yet, we can use this form of self-care date as a little in-between solution.

There are so many beautiful places nearby that we don’t even know about.

Exploring the places not far from where we live can sometimes have the same effects as exploring places far away from home.

Do some research on the treasures that are just around the corner. 


Movie Night At Home

First of all, the best part is that you can choose the movie. No discussions, whatsoever!

Make it as comfortable and cozy as possible. Get all the blankets out, light all the candles you have, and make yourself your favorite snack. Just do what you can to make it feel special to you and not just like another Netflix night.

Go for the movie you always wanted to watch, but strangely kept yourself from doing so, waiting for a special occasion. Now is the special occasion!

This date idea is also a good alternative to the classic cinema solo date if that’s still feeling too strange for you.

fun solo date ideas


Cook Your Favorite Comfort Meal

This one is fancier than it looks like. How often are we way too lazy to spend even 20 minutes of cooking, because we are hungry NOW.

Don’t we deserve to take the time to cook for ourselves? It has a lot to do with the environment we are in.

Naturally, we aren’t that drawn to cook in a messy kitchen. I totally get that on weekdays we have other things to do and that means that dishes pile up.

Just choose a day of the week, where you take some time to make your kitchen your new comfort and cooking space. The outcome will be so worth it!

Play nice music in the background, use fresh herbs and spices. Be grateful for the time you take to cook yourself your favorite dish.

solo date ideas


The Classic Cinema Date

Besides the restaurant date probably the most popular date idea.

Why not eat all the popcorn by yourself and choose the movie you really want to watch?

Try Out New Styles

Either you go closet shopping or you go shopping at the mall and try on some clothes you would usually not wear but are curious about. Patterns or cuts that speak to you. 

This is just so much fun. This way you can find out which styles and colors suit you very well and which trend you can gladly leave behind.

14 fun self-care solo date ideas


Living Room Dance Party

Play your favorite songs and just start moving.

There is no easier way to get yourself in a happy mood. Music is perfect for lifting our energy. And combined with dancing we are safe to have a good time on our own.


Take A walk

Is there a park or hiking trail nearby that you always wanted to explore?

Take your time and discover the gems of nature in your immediate environment.

Truly look at the beauty of nature. On this self-care date, you decide the pace and which way to go.

Nature’s sounds are incredibly relaxing and will do their best to get you out of your head. Or you could listen to calming music while you take your walk.


Solo Travel Or Day trips

Why not extend your solo date to a whole solo trip?

So many new impressions and experiences to find yourself in. Being alone enables you to be in those foreign places with all your attention. Allowing yourself to be completely present.

Another advantage is that you can decide everything. When to get up, what to do, where to eat,…


Spa Day

The pure embodiment of a classic self-care date.

Take your time to pamper yourself. Take a bath or a long hot shower.

Get the pre-heated bathrobe on and treat your body with your favorite body lotion.

For the right atmosphere, you can light some scented wax candles and play spa music as background noise.

This is also the perfect way to unwind after a long day.




Sounds cheesy but actually it’s pretty amazing.

Although it can be quite difficult to find a place where it’s dark enough.

Looking at the night sky has something magical to it. You start to feel very small but at the same time part of something way bigger than you could ever understand.

solo date ideas


Driving Around Listening To Your Favorite Playlists

There is this special need for having a unique experience while listening to a new album by an artist we love.

Driving around while listening to our favorite music does create this special feeling.

What is your favorite self-care solo date idea? Leave me a comment below! I’m excited to hear from you.



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