15 ways to unwind after a long and busy day

15 Ways To Unwind After A Long Day At Work

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We all have days where we come home after a long and busy day at work and just want to do nothing but lay on the couch and watch Netflix. The go-to way to unwind when life gets stressful.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, if it truly makes you feel good and cheers you up.

This post is here to bring a little more variety to your ways to unwind. In case you’d like to try out something new.

Here you can find practices you can add to your after-work or night routine that are just as relaxing as binge-watching your favorite show.

What resonates can vary from day to day.

I invite you to be playful in trying out different ideas and go completely with what feels right in the moment.



Yes, it’s referred to a thousand times, but for a good reason!

In those moments where we become quiet with ourselves – without the mind interfering – we are able to connect with a deeper part of us.

We can reach a state of clarity we didn’t have access to before, because our mind was just too cluttered, holding on to the past or worrying about the future.

Clarity can only be found in the now.

This helps us to decide what to do next based on what is truly beneficial for our well-being.

Listening to our inner wisdom is always the best guidance we can get.



Another beautiful way to unwind is to do a yoga session or to stretch.

Not every day we feel like having a long sweaty workout. Of course, also on these days, it’s still important to get the body moving – slow yoga is an alternative that is very relaxing and more focused on creating a deep connection with our body.

Placing the awareness on discovering our flexibility and strength with curiosity.

Without any judgment, just observing what is. Staying in a position as long as it feels comfortable. No need to prove anything.

relax and unwind after a stressful day


Cook A Healthy Comforting Meal

while you prepare your meal try to be as mindful as you can.

Eliminate all distractions and shift your focus on the ingredients you cook with.

Create a relaxing atmosphere, maybe listening to a calming playlist. 

Add as many nutrients as possible – your body will thank you for taking good care of it.

Keep this presence while you eat. Taste all the flavors and feel the texture of the food.


Get Creative

Do something that gets you into the state of flow. Where you forget about time and your surroundings, but most importantly about the busy day that’s behind you.

Creativity has many faces and means something very different to many people.

The first things that come to mind are probably drawing, crafting, and DIYs. But it includes so much more:

  • Trying out a new recipe,
  • re-arrange your apartment,
  • photography,
  • dancing, 
  • playing an instrument,
  • writing/journaling,
  • advancing your  skills

Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t the next Picasso. Creativity only means to pursue an inventive idea that’s in your head. Making it something tangible. And there are a lot of ways to do so.


Go For A Walk

There’s something about going for a walk, especially in colder months, when it gets dark pretty early and you get to experience the atmosphere of city lights.

But there is also a huge advantage of living outside of huge cities – you get a chance to look at the stars without any distracting lights.

Stargazing integrated into a nice evening walk is for sure the perfect way to unwind.


The perfect alternative for when the days are getting longer and warmer are golden hour/sunset walks.

Everything is in this pretty golden light. Ending the walk with watching the sunset is guaranteed to boost your mood after a busy day. 

ways to unwind after a stressful day



Way too often we just swallow down our feelings.

Blaming ourselves that the mean comment someone made affected us more than we like to admit.

The only way to release those feelings is to confront them.

Journaling is very healing when it comes to suppressed emotions.

Use some time in your evening routine and dedicate it to a small journal session.


Write about the feelings you have about your day. Let it all out. Even if it seems silly.

Get the thoughts out of your head, free your mind.

If free-writing isn’t working for you (yet) you can also use writing prompts.

Ask yourself what you are feeling right now. Truly listen and write it down. Then ask where this feeling is coming from.

Lastly, you could ask what you can do to shift your mood if you feel angry or anxious.

Often, just writing down how we feel is already relieving and shifting our mood to a more positive one.

ways to unwind after a long and busy day



Cuddle with your pet, partner, kids, yourself.

No matter your current situation – share some love and hugs.

Enjoy the small moments with your loved ones, they will let you feel what is really important.



This one can be easily integrated into your journal session.

I prefer to write down at least three things I’m grateful for about the things that happened throughout my day.

This shifts the focus from negative emotions to small beautiful moments we would otherwise quickly forget about. 

I use an app but feel free to use your journal or the notes app on your phone.



When was the last time you truly took the time to pamper yourself? The full package?

Even at home, we are still in busy mode. Jumping from one thing to another without “wasting” too much time on one task.

Our body has to function all the time and if it isn’t, we blame external reasons.

Although our bodies don’t even ask for much.


We shouldn’t skip the essential time we could give to our bodies.

Giving it our undivided attention is a good start.

And skincare is one of the things we can do to build a connection to our bodies. 

Of course, we don’t have to spend hours every day having a 20-steps beauty routine.

But some extra five minutes showing some love by not rushing through our skincare  and body care routine and only using natural products harmonizing with our skin-type.



One of my favorite ways to unwind is to have a reading session.

It’s also one of the easiest ways – just sit down comfortably with a good book and dive into a different world.

Or find some inspiration by reading personal growth books.


Podcasts Or Audiobooks

If you prefer to listen to more engaging content you can also go with a podcast or audiobook.

Especially on the days where there’s not really time to fit in a reading session, it’s an easy option to listen to a book instead and still have some of the calming experience reading has.

With Audible Plus you can listen to thousands of audiobooks and podcasts without ads. You can try it out for 30 days. After the free trial, the costs are $7.95 per month. You can cancel the subscription at any time. 

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create a designated playlist with calm songs you listen to when coming home after a long day.

You can play it in the background while you’re cooking dinner, going for an evening walk or do some yoga.

Personally, I love creating playlists for all kinds of occasions. Creating playlists is already a relaxing experience in itself.


Have A Movie Night

Not much to explain here.

We all have a movie or series we can watch all the time and just feel ten times better.

Make sure to create a special atmosphere that it still feels a bit special and not just like another netflix night. Light some candles, go for your favorite snacks, get the blankets out. Lean back and relax.


Take A Long Relaxing Shower

Wash away the stress of the day. Treat yourself with soothing scents, use your favorite lotion and just take your time. There’s no need to rush through all the steps of our night routine. 

ways to unwind



Take a few moments to breathe deeply.

Don’t focus on anything else but your breath.

Feel into it – where does it wander? Which area of your body could need more air? Where in your body you feel tension? Breathe into those areas and give them some mindful attention. 



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