best ways to get to know yourself better

5 Best Ways To Get To Know Yourself Better

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If you’d like to get to know yourself on a deeper level, here are some activities that might help you understand yourself better.

Take one step at a time. You will make discoveries that will surprise you and help you understand your behavior better. 

Bringing to light the patterns we play out allows room for healing and change. Keep that in mind while going through this list.

get to know yourself better


Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Journaling is one of the best ways to get to know yourself better. You deal with big questions about yourself and answer them from your heart.

Understanding your wounds, triggers, behavior patterns, how you respond in certain situations, or what makes you happy are the most important things for you to know.

Only through awareness we can change patterns or create more happiness in our lives.

With journal prompts, you get nudges that can cause a domino effect and you realize more and more things about yourself the deeper you dive into the questions.

Here are some examples you can use for your journal sessions:

  • What do I value about myself beyond external accomplishments?
  • Can I be happy when I am just on my own? If not, what am I afraid of? What is the root of this fear? If yes, what do I love to do on my own?
  • What do I love doing in my free time when there are no other responsibilities?
  • What I always wanted to try out but never did:
  • How do I respond when someone or something is triggering me? How can I change or improve my responses?
  • What character traits do I value most in others? Am I embodying these traits as well?
  • Which area of my life I would like to give more time and energy to? (family, career, personal interests, health,…)
  • What habits would support me to build my desired life?
  • What does my ideal daily routine look like?
  • What topics I would like to know more about – make an extra research list or a list with books you want to read
10 ways to get to know yourself better


The perfect way to get to know yourself better and to increase your confidence is to take yourself on a date.

Do something you’ve always wanted to do.

You prove to yourself that you are capable of leaving your comfort zone and that it’s safe for you to try something new, just by yourself.

You realize that you don’t need people around you all the time to have fun. You can make yourself happy and value your interests at the same time.


Planning out your own date lets you think a lot about what you like to do and what not.

Make it a habit to enjoy your own company and plan something nice just for yourself at least once a month. Your confidence will increase every time you are brave enough to leave your comfort zone.

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10 ways to get to know yourself better


Solo Travel

There’s no better way to get to know yourself better than traveling alone. You are confronted with so many new situations every day.

You need to act out of instinct rather than out of experience. You’ll find yourself in scenarios you’ve never been before and have no other chance than to adapt to your new surroundings.

It might be a bit frightening at first but after a bit, you get used to not knowing what to expect next.



Track Your Emotions

Use short and simple phrases at the end of every day to describe your overall mood.

Over a period of time, you get a good picture of your general wellbeing.

Are you mostly content with your life? Or are there small things that bother you so much that they ruin your day pretty often?

Keeping track of your feelings makes you more aware of what is causing your happiness but also your sadness and frustration. From that point, it’s easier to make changes.

With the self-discovery questions, you can journal about what you can do to change your energy. What are the small things that always lift your mood?

Just choose a thought that feels good to you, put on some music and dance off the negative energy, or take a walk in nature.

Over time you know yourself well enough to get yourself out of a bad mood really fast.


Journal About Your Day

Writing about your daily experiences makes you aware of your whole perspective on your world.

You get a better feeling of what you’re focusing on. After some time reflect on whether you tend to focus on negative or positive events more often.

Also, write about how you’ve felt throughout your day. That way you can see more clearly what triggers you but also small things that make you happy, that you might not have noticed before.


With that knowledge, you can start to make changes if you feel they are necessary.

Maybe you start to give more attention to what brings you joy on a daily basis or you start to do healing work around the patterns that keep on triggering you.

This practice is also incredibly valuable for when you look back in a few years.

You can read about what you were going through and also how you felt.

You can see how much you’ve grown over time. Things that trigger you now may not worry you later on because you used your chance now to deal with them.

10 ways to get to know yourself better


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