Daily Confidence affirmations + How To Use Affirmations

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What Are Affirmations For?

Affirmations change your thinking pattern over time to a more positive one. You create new thoughts using affirmations by repeating and practicing them a lot.

You then start to change your behavior according to the new beliefs you created about yourself.

You know the state: “What you believe about yourself, you become/you create”. That’s where affirmations come into play. You can choose to change your beliefs about yourself. If you can believe anything you want about yourself then why not believing something positive?

Some affirmations will speak more to you than others.

Here is the potential to step into your true self. They resonate because they remind you about a long-forgotten truth. Something your deepest Self knows to be true but your ego made you go for more self-harming beliefs.

You can relearn the truths you hold and affirmations are one way to do so.

how to use affirmations + self love affirmations

Who Are Affirmations For?

If you want to feel better about yourself and re-align with your deepest truth, then affirmations are worth a try.

We aren’t born with all the negative thoughts that are spinning around in our heads. Our natural state of being is feeling like we deserve the blessings and love of the world and never question that. Like babies.

This state of being makes it easy for us to give and receive love. And I guess we could all need some of that.

self-love affirmations


How You Can Use Affirmations

To break the chain of constant negative thoughts the most important thing is that you repeat your affirmations often! and make them a daily ritual.

They are here to replace the old beliefs, so it takes some practice to tell your brain otherwise.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking or feeling bad about yourself have a go-to affirmation you say right after that.

There are many ways you can add affirmations to your daily routine:


  • Practice them in front of the mirror:

Speaking the affirmations that resonate the most with you in front of a mirror looking yourself in the eyes is one of the most powerful affirmation practices.

It’s uncomfortable at first but that’s just because you (literally) face all of your wrong beliefs you have about yourself.

But that’s exactly the power of this practice. You tell yourself another story and seeing yourself while doing so is reinforcing your words even more.

If it feels too hard for you in the beginning just keep on practicing. Out of my own experience, I can only tell you that it gets easier after a few times.

And after that first stage of discomfort, it becomes the strongest confidence boost you can imagine. Your approval of yourself gets you in a position where you don’t need other people’s approval anymore. You are enough for yourself and slowly find back to your true self.

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  • Listen to affirmations while you do mindless things:

There’re a lot of affirmation videos on YouTube. You can listen to these while you do things around your home, while you cook, while getting ready in the morning or evening, while driving… -> whenever there is an open space in your day you can listen to affirmations.

Find a way to incorporate them as a solid habit into your daily routine.

how to use affirmations + self-love affirmations


  • Record yourself:

Choose the affirmations that resonate with you the most and record yourself speaking them.

Listening to your own voice makes them more believable for your subconscious mind than listening to a stranger’s voice.

You can play them throughout your day, maybe even speak with yourself out loud or in your head.

Another very effective time listening to your record is while falling asleep. The conscious mind drops off and doesn’t filter what you say anymore. The message comes directly through to your subconscious mind and you don’t have your ego interfering by saying that these affirmations aren’t true, or not working, or whatever it is coming up with trying to keep you safe in your old beliefs…


  • Combine them with your meditation practice:

To become real present with your affirmations you can also make them a part of your meditation.

Sit down close your eyes and listen. What comes up listening to these affirmations? Is it resistance or acceptance? Just notice what you feel without judgment.

If you feel resistance you could try to choose affirmations that are more resonating with you at the moment and slowly incorporate more with time when they feel right.

That’s when recording yourself speaking them makes a lot of sense because you can choose the affirmations on your own.

But you can also use the affirmations that trigger you as a call for extra attention. Affirmations to rewire these beliefs are one thing but maybe you want to go deeper to the root of the issue and do some more healing work around them.


  • Write them in your journal:

Another practice is to write them down. You can see them outside of your head, that way they become somewhat tangible.

Repeating the affirmations not only in your head but also combining the speaking with writing makes them sink deeper into your mind.

how to use affirmations + self love affirmations

60 Confidence Affirmations For Your Daily Self-Love Practice

  1. I approve of myself
  2. I release all patterns of criticism within me
  3. My best is enough.
  4. I believe in myself.
  5. I deeply care for myself.
  6. I am kind and gentle with myself
  7. I am worthy
  8. I am just as important as everyone else
  9. I create a safe sense of home within myself
  10. I feel safe to be me
  11. No one can touch my worth ever
  12. I express my needs freely
  13. I am worthy of my own love
  14. I accept myself
  15. I am loved
  16. I got a lot of love to give
  17. I make decisions based on my truth and my values
  18. It’s okay to disagree
  19. I trust myself
  20. I speak up for myself with ease
  21. I bring love to all parts of my body
  22. I share my voice freely
  23. I radiate confidence and authenticity
  24. I am safe to be myself around others
  25. I validate myself
  26. It’s safe to completely love and embrace myself
  27. I am 100% allowed to make mistakes and to change my mind
  28. I am committed to healing my relationship with myself
  29. I am wildly capable to create the life of my dreams
  30. I am opening my heart (for my own love)
  31. I let go of other people’s fears and limitations. I create my own life.
  32. I am at peace with my past
  33. I am worthy of all my goals and desires. I allow myself to receive.
  34. Every day I create my dream life
  35. I only allow loving connections into my life
  36. I value myself
  37. I am naturally beautiful when I am shining in the light of being my true self
  38. It’s okay not to be liked by everyone
  39. I am whole
  40. I am wonderful just as I am
  41. I am open to receive my good
  42. I see love everywhere around and inside of me
  43. I am worthy of the time and money I invest in my health and growth
  44. I am worthy of all the blessings coming my way
  45. I appreciate myself
  46. I feel comfortable looking at myself
  47. I allow others to see ME
  48. I accept my body
  49. I am grateful for my body
  50. I give love freely
  51. I connect with my inner power
  52. I create a space of belonging within myself
  53. My feelings and needs are valid
  54. My worth goes way beyond my bodily condition
  55. I am brave enough to always speak my truth and let other people know how I truly feel
  56. I express myself freely
  57. My love goes beyond my body
  58. The best answer is already within me
  59. I can see true beauty within me
  60. I am radiating self-love


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