9 best ways to practice gratitude

9 Best Ways To Practice Gratitude

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When hearing the word gratitude it’s possible that feelings of overwhelm can come up.

We know that we have a lot of things to be grateful for, but knowing it and feeling it are two very different things.

With this post, I want to help you release the overwhelm and show you different ways to practice gratitude in your daily routine.

These 9 tips are here to make you feel the gratitude deep in your heart on a daily basis.

As we all know, the energy of gratitude attracts more and more things to be grateful for.


Gratitude Journal

The idea is simple. You start a journal where you write down every day (or whenever you feel like it) what you are grateful for.

Every day you write down something new and feel into it. You can write about lessons you’ve learned that day, little acts of kindness, how someone made you feel good, something that made you laugh,…

Try to find an event or thing that you can easily connect to emotionally so that you can tap into the feelings of gratitude with ease rather than force.

The more you think about what to be thankful for, the more you become aware of the blessings that are already in your life.


Being In Nature

Walking in nature and treating it like we are a part of it instead of owning it makes a huge difference in our energy field.

Gratitude is all about being present and nature is the best teacher when it comes to presence. Those two naturally work together.

So, the next time you’re out in nature, take some time, walk with ease, stop from time to time to appreciate the beauty and abundance of it.

Soak it in with all your senses and let it fill your heart with peace and appreciation.


Before You Have A Meal

Well, in today’s fast-paced world eating is nearly seen as an annoying interruption from our work.

Our body always comes second when the choice is between work performance and well-being.

Gratitude in combination with food has the power to open whole new doors to let go of issues we have with our daily meals in general.

By consciously turning to the food we’re eating, we become very aware of whether we’re actually grateful for what we put into our bodies.


This could be a potentially triggering experience because we notice how we treat ourselves.

Is it love and nourishment that’s laying on the plate (if there’s even a plate), or is the food we’re consuming a sign of neglecting ourselves? No matter what the answer is, there’s no judgment needed here.

There’s always room for change. Whether that’s meal-prepping once a week with healthy nourishing ingredients instead of take-out every day, or researching recipes that speak to your body’s needs.

You can make an experiment out of it and consciously turn to your body and how it responds to the new and exciting meals you try out.  


Gratitude List

A gratitude list is a never-ending list with random things that make you feel in awe of life.

You can expand this list whenever you feel a hit of appreciation for life.

These can be minor things like feeling the sunlight on your skin, but also the grand things like falling in love or moving into the apartment of your dreams.

Write down everything that makes you feel joyful to be alive and come back to that list whenever you hit a low.

You can then use this list to connect back to your truth.


Looking Back At Milestones

In everyday life, it’s easy to overlook all the accomplishments we’ve made in the past years.

A few years ago, you were in a completely different state (mentally, emotionally, and maybe also location-wise).

Don’t make the mistake to undermine the growth you’ve made.

The things you’ve accomplished in the past few years are a big deal. Think of all the things you’ve dreamt of doing when you were younger and now you live the reality of it.

Celebrate your growth, especially when it comes to your personal development.

I’m sure you’ve changed a lot with the lessons life has thrown at you.

Acknowledge what you went through and how it unraveled more and more of who you truly are.

9 best ways to practice gratitude


Gratitude Meditation

Meditation combined with the feelings of gratitude creates the most powerful manifesting energy.

Sit in silence, close your eyes, and calm your mind. Focus on your breathing.

After a while, when you’re in a deep meditative state, start to think about what you’re grateful for at this very moment.

Go with whatever comes to mind first. Try to hold a picture of it in your mind’s eye. See it, feel it, experience it, give thanks to it.

That way the feelings around it should expand naturally. Do this process with as many things as you like and feels good to you.

You can also try guided gratitude meditations on YouTube:


Bank Account

If money is something you want to expand and feel grateful for, instead of cringing at the thought of it, you could find ways to make the look at your bank account more pleasing.

It takes daily effort to come to terms with our financial situation. To come to the point to be grateful for all the abundance that is already in our lives, we need to make some shifts in how we view money.

If we come back to the basics, money is just energy, like we are. Money has a frequency, we have a frequency.

Like with everything in life, it’s about alignment.

You can start with taking the fear out of looking at your bank account by making it a rather fun experience.

Make sure you are in a high vibe while doing so (maybe put on some music). Look at the number daily.


Only in the beginning, it will feel scary. The more you do it, the more you get comfortable with the process.

Come to the place where you thank the money coming in and also the money going out.

Thank all the things you exchange money for – the products and services you experience in exchange for it.

The more you are aware of where your money goes, the more you experience whether you’re actually grateful for those products and maybe make adjustments in the future.


Write Letters To The Universe

When you write to the Universe, you can thank it for all the blessings it has already sent your way.

While you do that, get really deep with the feelings. What in detail are you grateful for? How has it changed your life?

Let the Universe know how much you love what it has gifted to you. That way, the Universe knows exactly what you like and sends you more of that feeling.


The Universe is the greatest gift giver. When we just give its gifts a quick look while already demanding the next one, there’s no love and appreciation on our side.

The Universe gets the impression that you didn’t like what you got before.

You can also thank The Universe mentally by fully expressing and allowing the joyful feelings.


Write About/To Someone Close To You

Write about someone close to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Why do you enjoy their company? How do you feel around them? How has your relationship evolved?

You don’t necessarily have to give them the letter. It’s all about feeling the feelings.

But for sure, those feelings can be multiplied when they know how much you value them and the bond you have, and maybe feel inspired to write a letter to you as well.



You can repeat that ritual with as many people as you feel called to.

This also counts for fleeting connections that maybe didn’t even stay in your life for long but still had a huge impact on you.

You just write out for yourself why you appreciate(d) the presence of that person so much.


What is your favorite way to practice gratitude? Tell me in the comments about your gratitude routine!


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