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A List With 31 Ways To Get Out Of A Funk

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On some days we all lack motivation, feel drained, or just plain lazy. Or easier said – in a funk. We don’t really feel like doing anything at all. 

This list is intended to give you some ideas on what you can do to bring back some joy to the days you feel like you are in a funk and help you to turn them around.

Before diving into the list I would like to encourage you to listen within to find out why you might feel this way.

Days like this come up for a reason. So, before doing anything, first check-in with yourself to not suppress something that wants to be released.

This list shows that there is so much potential in the small things we do to make a random day feel special.

When you are stuck in a rut, check out this list and do what resonates with you at the moment.

out of a funk


Basic Needs

are all your basic needs met like drinking enough water, fresh air, 7-8 hours of sleep, sunlight, having a shower, living in a clean environment?


Listen within

Is there something you’re avoiding?  feel into the feeling and ask yourself why you are in avoidance without any judgement. Just giving the feeling some space and attention transforms it already.


Create Space For Stillness

Meditate. Just close your eyes and watch what comes up.

Allow answers and guidance in.

This is helping you to see the deeper meaning of your current mood and opens you up to solutions you didn’t consider before. 


Guided meditation

There’re plenty of free guided meditations on YouTube or on apps like simple habit or calm. If you feel anxious or like you lack motivation, there are meditations targeted on these topics.


Re-connect with your goals

Think of your dream life and a tiny little thing you can do right now to feel connected to it.

It’s always more about embodying than mindlessly doing something.

Maybe your unmotivated state comes from not being clear on the next step.

Being overwhelmed often leads to not doing anything at all.

It helps to write down all your goals and then break down the steps you need to take to make it real.

Also, think of habits or routines you can do every day to support your goal.

Having a routine gives your day structure and helps with motivation to stay consistent.

get out of a funk


Use affirmations

Especially helpful are those you create for your own.

They feel more true and authentic because they are perfectly tailored to your desires in life.

Speaking my own affirmations is always raising my frequency and I feel more energized and confident. Try it out for yourself.

An advanced way to do this exercise is to speak your affirmations in front of a mirror. It gets less awkward with time. Trust me.



Write down 5 things in your life you are grateful for. This can be anything.

With gratitude, the most important thing is to feel it.

Take your time to reflect on things/Souls in your life you are truly grateful for. What/who makes you feel?


Move your body to move your thoughts 

Whatever your preferred way of movement is, it will help you to get out of your head.

As there’s a lot of mental drain, it’s very useful to shift our attention to our body -> yoga, full-body workout, HIIT, or just jumping and dancing around in your apartment can truly make the difference. 


Read your favorite book

Allow the nostalgia of reading your favorite book back from high school years back in…


Listen to upbeat music

make playlists that get you in a happy mood for the days you don’t feel that good.  (you can check out my cheer up/happiness playlist here)



This one, as well as meditation, helps to transform your mental energy as it is huge in problem-solving.

Try to go to the roots of the reason why you feel drained/low in energy.

You can also try out scripting your dream life which is a real mood booster.

Get very detailed about how you want your day to look like, what you are wearing, where you are living,…

Another way to use your journal is to write down your own affirmations. 



Visualize your dream life

I also love to listen to music while doing  this. It helps me to elevate the feelings of the scene I’m visualizing.

Use all your senses, BE there, believe with your whole being that this is possible for you. 


Bake something nice

Having the pleasant result in mind while baking our favorite cake or cookies lets us feel less drained for sure, also same effect with cooking our favorite comfort meal.

A list with 31 ways to get you out of the funk, out of a rut, turn bad days around, bring back motivation and joy



If you are into Tarot you can also do a reading and find out more about your current situation.

But be very mindful with your intentions and your frequency. Take your time with the interpretation.


Just BE in nature

You don’t have to do anything than just sitting in sunlight, or feel the rain on your skin. It’s very therapeutic to connect to Earth and somehow come back to your roots.


Walking (in nature)

 Just leave your house and start walking. 

No need to find the best hiking trail. Make it as easy as possible otherwise it’s too tempting to talk yourself out of it. 



your pet, your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend, yourself. Nothing more comforting and therapeutic than giving and receiving love (even if it’s just shared with yourself).

Declutter or organize 

Because there is always something to organize and declutter. When our space is organized our head is way clearer as well. (Who also loves watching declutter and organize videos all day long?)


Get creative

Draw, sing, play an instrument, dance, create a website, take photos, write on something. Do what gets you in the state of flow.


Go through old photos

How does it make you feel? How have you changed over the years? Have the people around you changed?


Learn something new

Pick up on topics you are interested in. You can learn nearly anything for free online.

Research with YouTube, Pinterest, Udemy, Skillshare,…

Take notes and reflect on them every now and then.



Make-Up Or Hairstyle

try out a new make-up look or hairstyle with a tutorial. 


Take pictures

just for fun and to conserve the way you live right now with the people in it.

Document the small moments that seem very mundane. They will mean a lot to you in ten years.


Create a vision board

a second vision board, a themed vision board, a vision board solely for your business goals, a vision board dedicated to travel destinations,… You know the deal


Listen to podcasts / audiobooks

Listen to the podcast that never fails to inspire you with fresh perspectives. That will plant new seeds in your mind and maybe even motivate you to start a new project.


Just watch an episode of your favorite show

or watch something funny on YouTube. A quick pick-me-up to feel better afterwards -> but not meant as mindless binge-watching! 


Do chores, clean a room

Sometimes it’s also therapeutic to just clean something.

It doesn’t need a lot of mental energy and makes you feel better afterwards seeing the results. Living in a clean space enhances the mood tenfold.


Eat some fruit or vegetables

They naturally raise your vibration. Especially when they are very colorful.


Reach out

Call or text someone close to you. Start a random conversation and maybe if you trust them enough share how you feel about your current situation.


Plan your next trip

Get excited, find your perfect stay, restaurants you want to try out, what you want to do there, watch travel videos…

You can also plan your ideal trip you want to take someday.


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