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To Be A Free Soul

This platform is not about me. It’s about all of us.

We all have a story to share. We are all going through things, we feel like we can’t talk about with most people in our environment (especially when it comes to so-called spiritual awakenings).

Deep feelings and experiences, we sometimes struggle to make sense of. Here no one has to hide their true Self.

That’s the reason why Between Moon And Sun exists: all our Souls are coming together to connect and support each other on the journey to our dream life, beautifully aligned with our Heart and Soul.

Moon: this is a place where we are completely free to talk about all kinds of emotions.

Room for the hard-to-explain-type of feelings or phases of life. Just an open, honest, vulnerable space where we are not shying away from deep emotions as well as talking about questions, we don’t have answers to (yet).

Which fits perfectly with many experiences each of us has on our (spiritual) journey.

Connecting with ourselves in a more intuitive way by trusting our inner guidance. I am very excited to hear about experiences you had on your path so far.

Learn about: 

  • how to implement spiritual practices into your daily life,
  •  ways to deal with suppressed emotions / old wounds, 
  • becoming sensitive to signs and your inner guidance, 
  • the natural phases of taking action and rest, 
  • healing (techniques), 
  • (self) love, 
  • the meanings of life

Sun: with the sun theme I give you valuable tips on how you can change your life step by step by being very mindful about where you place your energy.

warm, light-hearted, gentle, life-affirming energy, without being too much in your face with the go-go-go-mentality -> the least thing I want to provoke is the feeling that what you already do isn’t enough. Trust the timing of your life.

With change we should be very careful with our intentions -> not coming from a place of pushing ourselves too hard because we thought we would be “there” already, but rather seeing the potential that our life already holds and being clear on the vision of our dream life.

Knowing that it’s all in our hands and not being terrified by that thought but seeing the beauty we are here to create by taking aligned steps making our dreams our tangible reality. (like the magician card in Tarot, we have and are everything we need to make our vision our life)

Learn about: 

  • mindful productivity, 
  • routines, 
  • taking action on your dream life, 
  • motivation, 
  • healthy habits (in a mind body soul way) 

A little background to my story:

With Between Moon And Sun, I create something that is meaningful to my Heart and Soul. I spent too much of my time living life on other people’s perception of success. (you know, people-pleaser mentality)

But along the way, I soon found out that my Soul is not quite willing to put energy into something that isn’t meaningful to her.

So I started to search for a way that enables me to express my truth.

Especially the past two and a half years taught me a lot and eventually led me to the creation of Between Moon And Sun.

And now I am absolutely sure that this one is aligned with my Soul.

Being a free Soul is the ultimate state I’d like to reach and would love other Soul’s to reach as well.

For me Between Moon And Sun is the path back to my Soul and freeing her from all the baggage, limiting beliefs and masks.

With sharing my thoughts, experiences and, struggles I’d love to open conversations we all have something to say about. We are not alone on our journey, we are all connected. Which I desire to show with Between Moon And Sun -> encouraging you to share your story, because we all have the power to inspire other Souls. 

On the path to our dream life, we face a lot of opportunities to release old baggage, which is painful in the first place because we are so used to the pain, that we even cling to it.

To be a free Soul means first and foremost to deal with the uncomfortable stuff, to finally let go of what we held on to for years and years.

Do you know those moments where you feel connected with your Soul? When you feel your essence? How you truly are? In those moments I feel light-hearted, joyful, at peace, expressive, and just happy for no reason. They were the incentive for me to never stop going after a life that’s 100% aligned with my Soul. And if that means to face deep suppressed emotions, it’s okay for me. 

We aren’t free if there’s still undealt stuff inside of us, leaving us with a tightness in the chest and a drained or anxious mind. It’s affecting our health in every way possible.

I don’t rush the process of healing and know that I have to be gentle on my path to freedom and truth. Life naturally shows us all our limiting beliefs every day -> using these opportunities to release will set you free step by step.

The journey of healing is one of self-compassion instead of pressure.

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