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Astrology Basics: The Planets + Mood Boards

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In this one I’m talking about the planets that Astrology deals with. Learn about the houses and signs each planet rules, as well as their meanings.

I also created a mood board for every planet to visualize their meanings. The moon and Pluto are also referred to as planets.

This post is the second part of the Astrology Basics series.

In part one I talked about the basic meanings of the zodiac signs with their character traits, ruling houses, ruling planets and their element.

Based on our birth chart we can see which sign we got in which planet + the house we got the planet in.

This is giving us a way deeper understanding of our personality than just looking at our sun sign ever could.

The sum of all the little aspects our chart is made of gives us a blueprint of our whole personality. You can calculate your birth chart here.



Rules: Leo, 5th house

Transits signs: every month

Association: ego, self-expression, identity, consciousness, masculinity, vitality, charisma, self-reliance




Rules: Cancer, 4th house

Transits signs: every 2-3 days

Association: the unconscious, emotions, feelings, secrets, security, home, femininity, instinct, mother, nurturing, mood, fertility, family



Rules: Gemini, Virgo, 3rd house, 6th house

Transits signs: every 3-4 weeks

Association: communication, intellect, rational mind, skills, thoughts, perception, adaptability




Rules: Taurus and Libra, the 2nd and 7th house

Transits signs: every 4-5 weeks

Association: love, relationships, values, pleasure, beauty, attraction, art, harmony, sensuality, money

venus astrology mood board



Rules: Aries, 1st house

Transits signs: every 6-7 weeks

Association: actions, determination, energy, challenges, will, survival, force, goals, sports, courage, sexual drive, war, passion, conflict, ambition




Rules: Sagittarius, Pisces, 9th house

Transits signs: every 12-13 months

Association: expansion, fortune, luck, travel, abundance, higher education, religion, optimism, generosity

jupiter astrology mood board



Rules: Capricorn, 10th house

Transits signs: 2-3 years

Association: authority, responsibility, structure, maturity, obligations, lessons, limitations, restrictions, karma, father figure, discipline, law, contracts




Rules: Aquarius, 11th house

Transits signs: every 7 years

Association: progress, technology, originality, individuality, innovation, independence, liberation, rebels, unpredictable changes

uranus astrology mood board
astrology ruling planets



Rules: Pisces, 12th house

Transits signs: every 10-12 years

Association: dreams, illusions, intuition, confusion, imagination, psychic abilities, idealism, inspiration, mysteries



Rules: Scorpio, 8th house

Transits signs: every 13-15 years

Association: death, transformation, rebirth, resources, change, sexuality, regeneration, inevitability



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