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Crown Chakra Healing: Connection To A Higher Power

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Discover 9 powerful ways to heal your Crown Chakra. 


“I Understand”

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

Color: ultraviolet, violet, white

Element: light

Location: top of the head

Characteristics: connection to the Universe and all that is, spiritual beliefs, inner wisdom


Meaning Of The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra located at the very top of our heads.

It’s about our connection with higher powers and our own inner wisdom.  With this chakra, we form our spiritual beliefs – the way we understand the world and our place in it.

It teaches us to see the bigger picture of our lives but also life in general. This chakra is asking us to have trust in the unseen and that we’re always perfectly guided along our path. We just got to listen.

crown chakra healing


Healing The Crown chakra

When the crown chakra is out of balance, we feel very uncomfortable in silence. There’s the need to always be distracted or busy in some way.

We only rest when we sleep or in combination with an electronic device. There’re things we consciously or subconsciously avoid dealing with.

At the same time, we withhold the chance from ourselves to see the bigger reason for our situation.


Oftentimes, we must go through hardships that are so uncomfortable that we have to face what’s bothering us day in and day out.

Only when we are forced to be in the storm, do we search for ways to get out. But in the middle of chaos, the solutions that come to mind are often limited.

Again we make choices that come from a place of fear.

This results in rushed decisions that aren’t quite different from our current reality, or we go for the next best advice we can get from a person who’s completely unfamiliar with our feelings about our current situation.

We end up giving our power away and find ourselves in a life that still feels off.


By avoiding the nudging thoughts that tell us that something is wrong, we keep ourselves stuck.

Those thoughts come from deep within and feel profound. That’s because they hold so much truth that it hurts.

So, we try to push them away harshly. And here we got the reason why we can’t sit in silence. Silence asks for changes.

Generally speaking, an imbalanced crown chakra means that we are living far away from our inner truth.

We are out of alignment. We feel disconnected from others and ourselves.

The life we are living feels foreign to us, but we also don’t know how to escape it because that’s how everyone lives their lives, right? Why should we ask for more? For a life that feels good to us?


We don’t feel special enough to live a life that’s not reflecting the usual. There’s also a lot of doubt and distrust that something like inner guidance even exists. The thought of relying on something that can’t be seen is leaving us in pure skepticism.

It can’t be seen, only felt – that’s our problem. We never allow ourselves to feel the truths of our inner being. What we truly want from life, let alone ask for guidance on our journey there. Seems pretty out there, right?

Below, I’ve listed 9 ways to heal your crown chakra. Go with the themes that resonate with you the most.


Signs Of Imbalance

  • Feeling meaningless, insignificant
  • Feeling disconnected from a higher power
  • Getting caught up in details of our current life, unable to see the bigger picture
  • Unable to see the lessons in the challenges we went through
  • Living in the past or future – constant worrying or feeling guilty about past mistakes instead of surrendering to the present moment
  • Feeling separate from others – sometimes even self-isolation
  • Judging other people’s beliefs and conceptions of the Universe/Higher Powers


The characteristics of a healed crown chakra are that we allow ourselves to ask deeper questions.

We become clear on how blind we walked through life before and nearly cannot believe how we didn’t see all the warning signs screaming at us to leave an unaligned situation.

Having a balanced crown chakra doesn’t mean that we meditate five hours straight and share all the coincidences we had throughout the day with everyone we know.

It’s not that with knowing the path we’re meant to take that it’s suddenly extremely easy to follow it.

The art is to show up every day, to take action from a place of faith rather than fear.


To be okay with uncertainty, to be patient, and to have trust that everything that feels good to our inner being is possible.

Allowing silence means we allow higher consciousness to interact with us – to give us clear instructions on what to do each day to get where we desire to be.

It’s exactly about all the tiny nudges that will “coincidently” let us cross paths with people who are willing to help us on our path, opportunities showing up out of nowhere, or we suddenly come up with a promising business idea.

Those random thoughts that didn’t originate in yourself, that just randomly popped into your head, are the result of Universal Intelligence arranging your world in a way that matches your desires.

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What we need to do is show up every day to create space for universal guidance to come in – this doesn’t have to be just meditation.

Everything that gets you out of your head and into the present moment is perfect. Like being in nature, drawing, cuddling with pets, dancing,…

Make sure to write down profound thoughts right away and reflect on them.


Signs Of Balance

  • Easy access to your inner wisdom
  • You are fine with sitting in silence just by yourself
  • Open to other people’s experiences and beliefs when it comes to spirituality
  • Having trust in the deep insights we get and not afraid to take action on them
crown chakra healing



You can speak these affirmations whenever you feel disconnected from your inner truth and have difficulty to make aligned decisions. Repeat them in your head or out loud. Even better in front of a mirror.

  • I surrender to a higher power
  • I am connected to my inner wisdom
  • I understand my significance
  • I am always guided on my path
  • I am supported by the Universe
  • I listen to my inner knowing
  • I have trust in the unseen
  • Everything is falling perfectly into place
  • Everything works out for me
  • All the answers I seek are ready to be received



  • Amethyst: absorbs negative energy, aligns you with your intuition, easier to remember your dreams
  • Selenite: spiritual development, deep inner peace, transforming negative energies into positive ones, cleansing your energy
  • Moonstone: increased intuition, clairvoyance, symbolic dreams, feeling at peace and protected
  • Clear Quartz: releases stuck energies, smooth energy flow in the body, mental clarity, amplifies intentions


Essential Oils

  • Lavender: calming, reduces insomnia, creates a relaxing atmosphere
  • Rose: releasing anxious thoughts, self-compassion
  • Frankincense: reduces stressful thoughts, finding better sleep, warming
  • Sandalwood: clear mind, falling asleep faster, purifying
  • Jasmine: reduces anxiety, relaxing, restful sleep
  • Vetiver: calming, restful sleep, releasing frustration


Journal Prompts

Journaling brings our deepest thoughts on paper and out of our heads. Take your time to answer the questions below to discover which crown chakra theme causes your imbalance and how you can change the situation for the better.

  • Do I feel connected to my inner truth?
  • How did my spiritual beliefs change in the past few years? Which deep insights did I get?
  • What was the deeper meaning of a recent challenge I went through?
  • Is it easy for me to trust that everything I’m going through leads me exactly where I desire to be?
  • Are there subtle signs, repeating coincidences that are trying to tell me something? If so, how do they make me feel? Are they warning signs, or signs that I’m right where I should be?
  • How does silence make me feel?


Yoga Poses

  • Savasana
  • Headstand
  • Lotus Pose
  • Forearm Stand
  • Mountain Pose




crown chakra

Lotus Pose

crown chakra



A general saying is to eat the colors of the rainbow, which align with the colors of each chakra. For the crown chakra the general theme is fasting and detoxifying the body.


  • Plums
  • Purple grapes
  • Figs
  • Black currants
  • Elderberries
  • Raisins


  • Eggplant
  • Purple carrots
  • Purple asparagus
  • Purple potatoes
  • Purple Cabbage



Frequency: 963 Hz

Mantra: OM

For Sound healing you can use singing bowls holding the crown  chakra frequency or chant the mantra OM in your meditation practice.

There’re also quite a few videos on YouTube:



Find a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Imagine a deep violet light circle at the top of your head.

With each breath you take the circle gets bigger and bigger and the violet light becomes clearer and brighter.

Grow the circle with your breath until your whole head is filled with radiant violet light.

Hold the circle for a couple of minutes and feel how its light is cleansing the energy in your crown chakra.

All stuck energy gets washed away and is replaced by the deep trust in a higher power arranging your life in the best possible way.

In addition, you could combine this visualization technique with chanting the mantra OM, speaking the affirmations from above or listening to the crown chakra frequency.

Repeat this practice whenever you feel disconnected from your true self and the bigger picture of your life.


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