14 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products: Plastic-free

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Of course, everyone these days is eager to go zero waste and use less plastics in their own household. We want to learn about what we can do to save our planet and the animals we share this home with. 

As with everything, the best way to change something is to start with ourselves. There are quite a few options out there that help us on our journey to an eco-friendly life where we say no to plastics as much as possible. 

But we also know that to change something we first need a good reason to do so. Otherwise, we won’t stick to the behavior changes we strive to make, right?

The why of the whole topic, in this case, is quite obvious, but maybe even too obvious for us to grasp what it really means for us personally. 

eco-friendly kitchen swaps


In our everyday life, we don’t always consciously experience the consequences of climate change although it’s one of the biggest problems of the world. 

Try to find your own very personal why, so that you will definitely stick to making changes that go beyond this list. 

Maybe it’s the pictures of turtles trapped in plastic bags, birds dying because of all the trash they’ve eaten or beaches full of rubbish instead of golden sand.  

Having pictures like that in mind is, for me at least, a huge incentive to do something. 

Below you can find sustainable alternatives for kitchen products we use everyday. My goal here is to inspire you to do exactly that: making small changes to the every day products you use. Because, as I already said, especially in our daily life we often forget about the bigger picture. Making these products your new normal will let you make a huge impact without even thinking about it.

 There’s this quote I love in this context: “Can I really make a difference?” Said 7.6 billion people. 


Mugs To Go

zero waste kitchen swaps

These cute mugs are life-savers. Instead of the coffee cups to go, you can bring your own mugs and let them be filled with your favorite hot or cold beverage. 

There’re so many occasions where we need our own mugs: long car drives, picnics in the park, any outdoor activities, commutes,…

You never have to buy on the go again, just take your mug with you when you leave the house. 

They’re made of stainless steel, so they will for sure serve you longer than just one time. You can get them in any color that fits your aesthetic and in any size you need.

Eco-Friendly Plate Set

There’s no longer the need to use plastic dish sets when you have garden get-togethers or a picnic in the park. The sets are made of sugarcane fiber (bagasse) which is 100% natural and decomposes back into the soil. Bagasse is one of the most sustainable options because it would be disposed anyway. Using the material for dish sets like these gives them another life cycle.

They withstand a great amount of heat and cold which makes heating your food in a microwave possible, as well as freezing it. 

The material is even leak-proof, so you can also use it for oily meals. 

No dye or bleach is used for the dish sets, which is the case with paper plates and plastic plates.


Wooden Cooking Utensils

There’re quite a few benefits using wooden cooking utensils.

First of all, there’s no plastic involved. That also means that they are heatproof and you won’t find any chemicals like burnt plastics in your food. Also, they don’t scratch your pans and pots.

The sets are hand-made out of teak and will last you quite a long time due to the quality of the material. Teak is very water-resistant due to its tropical origin which makes it a perfect companion in the kitchen. 


Eco-Friendly All Purpose Cleaner

eco-freindly kitchen swaps


These cleaning products are made with pure essential oils which gives them a natural and fresh smell, instead of very strong chemical odors that stick in your nose the whole day and leave you with a headache. 

They use the natural power of plants like citrus to get the same results as strong chemical formulas in other products. 

The formula of these all-purpose cleaners are 100% natural, bio-degradable, cruelty-free and come in a recyclable package.


Reusable Bamboo Paper  Towels

The organic bamboo cellulose used for these kitchen towels is coming from FSC certified bamboo forests. 

They’re very thick and suitable for more heavy cleaning, unlike regular paper towels which aren’t that absorbent. Bamboo is up to 40% more absorbent than cotton. 

You can wash each sheet about 80-120 times, which should easily last you more than six months.  


Kitchen Sponges


These sponges are made without any plastics. 100% natural material. You can use these non-scratchy sponges on all kinds of materials all over your kitchen: pans, pots, surfaces, tableware, tables. 



These dishcloths are 100% bio-degradable (takes about five weeks) and made out of sustainable materials like a mix of cotton and cellulose. You can wash them and they will last you about two months. They are as absorbent as 15 rolls of paper towels which makes them the more eco-friendly choice. 


Reusable Produce Bags

Save up to 1000 plastic bags using only one 100% organic cotton mesh bag. 

They come in different sizes and different color codes suitable for every kind of fruit or vegetable. You can even cold wash them, which is a huge plus when it comes to food. 


Food Wrap

These food wraps are made out of beeswax, so you don’t have to use plastic or aluminum wraps any longer. 

You can form them over bowls or pieces of food using the warmth of your hands. 

They are made of 100% organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, and jojoba oil. 

To clean them you just simply have to rinse them under cold water using a mild soap. 


Compostable Trash Bags

Made out of plant starch extracts makes this material bio-degradable and renewable. You can use them for your backyard compost or your home composting system. They are quite sturdy withstanding about 83 LB (38kg).


Reusable Storage Bags

They’re made out of thick and food save PEVA-materials. That means that they don’t contain any PVC, lead, chloride or BPA. When burnt they do not harm the environment. 

When using these bags, you save about 350-500 disposable plastic bags. 

They are leak-proof and freezer-safe. 


Kitchen Towels


These kitchen towels are made with 80% upcycled denim and cotton. This procedure saves 20.000 l of water for every kg of material used. You can cold wash them hundreds of times.


Reusable Grocery Bags

Instead of using big plastic bags that are tearing apart after one use, you can transport your groceries in these sturdy box bags. They stand straight and stay open so you can easily load and unload them. 

When home they can be folded and are out of sight until you need them again. 

Zero Waste Set

This set is like a starter pack for a zero-waste, eco-friendly lifestyle. It contains 4 stainless-steel straws + travel bag and a cleaning brush, 3 mesh produce bags made out of cotton, 4 reusable zip lock bags, and 4 beeswax food wraps. With this set, you are well-equipped to start your sustainable living journey. 

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