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Finding Moments Of Inner Peace In Tough Times

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In the middle of chaos, the beauty and joy that was once in your life is hard to remember.

Carefree laughter and going with the natural flow of life seems far away.

Guilt about not taking full advantage of the times when things were more peaceful starts to arise.

It feels like there is no one around to tell them how you truly feel.


When life gets heavy the best we can do is to hold on to the knowledge that this is only temporary and we always got the power to change our inner realm.

Inner peace can be felt if we let it come through. We just need to work through the resistance to feel better.

Not blaming ourselves that we got into a tough situation but taking it as a lesson and finding little ways to be happier again.

In this article, I share what you can do to shift your inner state to a more peaceful one to make this tough period of your life as bearable as possible.

inner peace


Calling Friends Or Family

Even if you got the feeling you don’t have anyone you can talk to about what you are going through, just connecting with other people helps so much with not feeling lonely.

When we are sad and in a state of hopelessness we tend to isolate and detach from other people as we don’t want to be a burden or think we need to deal with this on our own.

While it’s true that healing needs a lot of quiet time, it’s still important to reach out to the people you love. If you feel close enough to someone you can share your feelings with them.  


Remember Moments Of Love

The pure beautiful moments when you gave love and received love.

Blissful moments of peace and presence. Like when we are with our pet, family members, or in breath-taking nature.

Thinking back to things that made you feel good in the past lets you know that better times are waiting for you.

Life is a constant flow of ups and downs. Happiness will find you again and again.


Be In Nature

Finding a quiet and peaceful place outside your usual environment is another way to shift your perspective.

If you feel a lot of draining energy in your home, changing locations can make a huge difference.

Take your environment in using all your senses. Be there.

You can also bring your journal and use nature to clear your thoughts. Write about the new perspective you’ve gained from changing your surroundings.

finding moments of peace in tough times


Plan Something That Brings You Joy

Whenever we feel drained, thinking about something we can look forward to lifts our mood and gets us in an excited state.

It’s like having an anchor in the future. Plan a vacation or day trip, arrange a meet up with a friend, visit family members, get a massage,… Do that thing one that you wanted to do for a long time.

Now more than ever you could need some happy moments besides all the other stuff going on.


Appreciate The Small Moments

Not even in the hardest times, everything is just bad.

There are always small moments of joy that bring you back into the present moment, helping you to lift your mood.

Like a kind gesture by a stranger, the sun shining on your face, your favorite song playing on the radio, a beautiful sunset.

It’s important to look out for those moments and let them keep your heart open.

inner peace


Allow Emotions To Come Up

Distracting yourself from painful emotions only works for some time.

Suppressing them completely will never make you free, but rather even more trapped in your current situation.

You are afraid of being afraid. But when you go beyond the fear you can see the patterns and beliefs you have about yourself that brought you into this situation in the first place.

Only by looking at it, you can change it. And I know that this whole process doesn’t sound peaceful at all, but it’s the most significant part.

When we are in pain, we are willing to change the situation. When things are “alright” again or “back to normal”, we don’t have an incentive to change something and keep on living in the same patterns that are keeping us in the same painful situations.

So, this one is for long-term peace.



Get all the spinning thoughts out of your head on paper.

Looking at the thoughts that are running your life gives you an outside perspective and more clarity about the truth of what’s going on in your mind and how you can go about the situation.

Is your situation truly as hopeless as you currently perceive it to be?

Do the whole process without judgment. You don’t have to filter your thoughts. They are just thoughts.

You got the power to change them at any time. Look beyond the patterns and stories you tell yourself. What pattern needs healing so that you can move on?


Drive Around Listening To Your Favorite Music

Sometimes all we need is to drive around without a clear direction and just sing to our favorite songs.

I mean, this is a whole mood. It does an incredibly good job of taking us out of our current reality and out of our heads.

A more environmentally friendly alternative is to go for a walk listening to your favorite playlist.

finding moments of peace in tough times


Move Your Body With Compassion

Your body is just as stressed as your mind in tough times.

You can see this by people having gut problems, breakouts, hair loss, rashes, irregular periods and so many more symptoms.

Practicing some yoga or any other compassionate moving of your body helps to bring the mind and body back into alignment.

It also keeps you present. When no thoughts come through, we create peaceful moments with our bodies and enhance their natural healing powers.



You can use meditation to let go of your thoughts. No thoughts, no anxiety.

It’s an easy thing to say to not pay attention to your thoughts, but somewhat hard to put into practice.

That’s why I want to tell you what you can do instead: bring your awareness to the space between your eyebrows.

That’s where your third-eye chakra is located. If that chakra is open, you can see visions there with your inner eye.

Guidance can come through way easier if you take your time to let it in. Let yourself sink into a deep meditative state to experience healing energy throughout your whole body and a peaceful state of mind.  


What do you do to feel better when life gets heavy? Leave me a comment with your ideas!


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