goal and habit ideas for each area of life

68 Goal And Habit Ideas For Each Area Of Your Life

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Every day is a good day for a reset. You don’t necessarily need a new year to start healthy habits or to work towards a goal.

Take it step by step and don’t pressure yourself to achieve everything at once.

Get clear about the major change you want in your life/your main goal and create smaller goals and habits around it that help you on your way.

Below you can find goal and habit ideas for each area of life: health, personal growth, relationships/social life, money, home, spirituality, self-care, and environment.

At the end of the post, you can read how you can make your goals achievable.

goal and habit ideas



goal and habit ideas
  • Go to medical check ups
  • Find a way of movement that works best for you and do that regularly
  • Go for a walk 3 or more times a week
  • Create a list with go-to healthy and easy to make recipes
  • Drink enough water
  • Incorporate more vegetables in your meals
  • Eat fruits or nuts instead of sugary snacks 
  • Mindful eating: chew every bite around 30 times -> helps your digestion
  • 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Grow your own herbs
  • Track your period


Personal Growth

goal and habit ideas
  • Read self-improvement books
  • Read books that help you to improve your skillset
  • Take courses
  • Learn a new language
  • Improve your cooking/baking skills
  • Create an organization system for all areas of your life -> have everything in one place (planner, bullet journal, or organization tools such as Google
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Waking up earlier to do something you love or to have a mindful morning routine


Relationships/Social Life

goal and habit ideas
  • Call close family members at least once a week
  • (Video) Calls with friends every week or every other week
  • (when possible again) monthly meetups with friends
  • Take notes of subtle hints when it comes to presents
  • Have a birthday calendar



Saving Money/Reducing Debt

  • Set a monthly budget for take-out
  • Set a weekly budget for groceries
  • Check all your paid subscriptions -> do you NEED all of them
  • Lend books from libraries
  • thrifting




Declutter, Re-arrange

  • Declutter using the Konmari Method -> which items spark joy
  • Declutter your closet, your books, papers, miscellaneous items, sentimental items -> go through all your stuff and finally let go of what you don’t need in your life anymore -> a decluttered home creates a decluttered mind
  • Donate or sell decluttered items -> some extra money or giving it a second life and doing something for the environment
  • After decluttering create a new organization system, so that every item has a set place
  • re-arrange your furniture
  • develop a cleaning plan
  • use 15 minutes every evening to tidy your rooms: get your things back into their set place



goal and habit ideas
  • meditation for at least 15-20 minutes every day (guided meditation, meditation apps, with music, connecting with the breath,…)
  • start and end your day with visualizing your dream life -> connect with the energy of the life you want to align with
  • speak your favorite affirmations looking in the mirror
  • start a dream journal: write down what you’ve dreamt last night, over time it’ll be easier to recall your dreams
  • try lucid dreaming
  • learn to read tarot/improve your tarot skills/introduce new decks to your collection
  • learn about crystals
  • teach yourself about astrology
  • Create a new moon and full moon ritual: setting intentions with the new moon and release old patterns with the full moon



  • Create a list with things to do that get you back into alignment when you feel down
  • Create a skincare routine that fully meets your skins needs -> treat your skin with products that have only natural ingredients  
  • Create playlists for every mood and have living room dance parties occasionally
  • Start a hobby just for the fun of it: what do you enjoy so much that you forget about time but don’t quite consider as being productive or practical -> make some space every month for playtime (i.g.: playing an instrument, doing puzzles, coloring books, drawing)
  • Take yourself on dates: do something you’ve always wanted to do but no one in your environment shares your passion for it, or do smaller things like taking yourself to a beautiful park -> proving yourself that you don’t always need people around you to thrive in life is a great way to increase your confidence
  • Unfollow all accounts that make you feel bad about yourself and try to hold you accountable to unobtainable, unhealthy standards: you are worthy just the way you are!
  • Start a journal practice: gratitude journal, using journal prompts, just writing down thoughts, letting go of bottled-up emotions
  • Aromatherapy: try out different blends



sustainable bathroom products plastic free
  • Before you buy something ask yourself if you are buying it with a positive feeling or out of fear of missing out
  • Donate things you don’t need anymore
  • Try to digitalize your paperwork as much as possible
  • Swap your kitchen and bathroom items for natural ones (like food wrap out of beeswax, bamboo toothbrush, bamboo hair brush, biodegradable sponges, in general bamboo instead of plastics)
  • Bring your own cotton bag for groceries instead of using plastic bags
  • use your own coffee mug
  • drink tap water and fill it in reusable water bottles (you can filter your water before drinking)
  • walk, ride your bicycle or use public transportation more often
  • let your washed clothes air dry! -> plan your outfits beforehand and do your laundry accordingly
  • wash full loads
  • consider buying from brands who create high-quality environmentally-friendly products/clothes
  • donate monthly to a cause that’s close to your heart
  • plan out your meals, so that you don’t throw away that much
  • don’t use plastic straws: rather use metal straws
  • watch documentaries about environmental issues  


How To Make Your Goals Achievable?

  • Write your goals down in your planner: be very specific -> for example don’t just write going for a walk more often, instead write how often per week, on which days, the time of the day, for how long -> being clear on your goals makes it easier for you to execute and keep track of them
  • Write down why you want to implement these habits in your life/why you want to achieve this goal: helps to clarify and creates a stronger intention
  • Break them down into small and very easy steps -> so small that you cannot find any excuse that keeps you from starting with it
  • Keep track of your goals/habits: make your progress visible so that you’re motivated to keep going
  • Don’t give up completely because you missed out one time: just keep doing and start again
  • Make your goals visible: do you want to work out in the morning? Get your fitness mat out of the corner and place your workout clothes next to your bed. Do you want to read for 10 minutes every day? Have a book on your nightstand or take your book everywhere with you. There’s always some waiting time you can use to read.

In which area do you want to grow the most? Leave me a comment

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