happiness rituals for your daily routine

7 Daily Happiness Rituals For Your Routine

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Don’t we all strive to have more happy moments in our day-to-day life? It’s this huge ultimate goal to be happy.

But what are we actually doing for our happiness? Are we making an effort to invite it in?

I would like you to reflect on your daily routine.

Which habits or little rituals bring you joy every day?

If not a lot comes to mind here you can find some inspiration to bring more happiness to your everyday life.

It’s the small moments that add up and make your overall life feel way more fulfilling.

daily happiness rituals


Happiness Box

Every time you experience a small moment of happiness in your week you add it to your box.

You’ll realize rather quickly how many beautiful moments we tend to overlook but happen all the time even in everyday life.

Consciously searching for happy moments will create more of them and will let you go through your life with more awareness.


Dream Life Jar

We all have a general vision of our dream life in head. But how about the details?

Do you find it hard to visualize your dream life from time to time? Do you feel somehow overwhelmed by all the possibilities and not quite sure what to focus on?

You could write down the small details and scenes you desire to experience and put them in a jar.

You know best what your dream life looks like. Pick one note every morning or evening before your visualization practice and indulge in that scene. BE there and carve out all the little details.

Practicing the energy of your dream life daily aligns you more and more with those experiences and lets you make more decisions that get you there.

Knowing exactly what you want is the first step to making it a reality. Plus, it’s just an incredibly fun thing to do.


Vision Board Visualization

Your vision board is already filled with lots of representations of your dream life. Images make it easier for us to pick a scene we would like to experience.

So, if the dream jar is not 100% working for you or you’d like some variety, you can also pick a scene from your vision board and use that for your visualization practice. 

You can find yourself in your dream vacation, living in your dream home, or being in a loving relationship. Include all your senses and make it feel as real as possible. 


Happiness List

Start making notes of all the little and big things that make you happy and joyful.

This can be your loved ones as well as your favorite ice cream flavor.

Write down EVERYTHING that in some form adds happiness to your life. Also experiences you’ve had or books you’ve enjoyed.

Constantly add to that list as you go through life.

With this habit, you start looking out for happiness and thus create more of it.

Review your growing list weekly and use that for ideas and inspiration to implement more happy moments in your next week.

Knowing the things that make you happy gives you the power to experience it every day.


Write Down Your Small Wins During The Week

On a small scale of a week, our accomplishments may not seem that big.

But if we take the time to write down solutions we’ve found, projects we’ve completed, a good conversation we’ve had, and so on, we will see that we do a lot in a week.

Stop downplaying your small wins and celebrate the progress you are making also on a smaller scale of a week. This keeps you motivated to keep going.


Capture One Thing That Has Inspired You That Week

Thought-provoking insights you’ve gained, moments when something clicked inside.

Write about what inspires you at the moment.

This can be anything from waking up with the prettiest sunrises to having a meaningful conversation with a stranger.

Looking back on your notes in a few years you may find it very interesting to read about the feelings you’ve had going through this phase of your life and how you’ve grown.

You can also take pictures of your current life. Objects/people/everyday life that might seem mundane but will hold a lot of meaning someday.

The life we live right now with all our routines will probably be quite different from the life we will live a few years down the road.

Having photos or even drawings of the small seemingly insignificant things that belong to our lives at the moment will be of significance as soon as our lives change.


End Your Day With Gratitude

Use the time before going to bed to write in your journal.

Pick three things that happened throughout your day that you are grateful for.

Even on days where you didn’t experience a lot of fun activities, there’s always something to be grateful for.

This helps you to reflect again on the smaller moments that bring just as much happiness as the big ones.

You’ll think way more about your daily life and you’ll notice that not everything is as bad as it seems.

Even in times of chaos, there are always moments that make you smile a little or make you feel your heart.


I’d love to hear about your little happiness rituals you’ve made a routine. Tell me in the comments!

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