How To Conserve Moments We Wish Would Last Forever

How To Capture Meaningful Moments – Being Present

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Moments are so fleeting that most of the time we don’t even realize how they pass us by every second.

Our heads are so busy thinking about something important we need to do next week, or over-analyzing something a person said who isn’t even close to us.

The constant chatter in our minds leads to the point that we only have a few moments in our lives we actually like to capture.

Our mind constantly causes us to believe that these moments are rare.

Out of this belief, we are holding on so tightly to those rare moments and trying everything to make them memorable for us for the time when life gets busy again.

The number one thing that comes to mind to capture moments is to take pictures or videos.

And then post the results on our preferred social media app.

It’s deeply inherited in our minds that the only way to capture a beautiful moment is by taking pictures.

And that these pictures need to be more than perfect to compete with others.

That’s a lot of pressure for a moment that actually just wants to be felt.

mindful, being present

What I realized was that in all the moments I would have liked to capture forever no thoughts were spinning around in my head.

Not even the thought of taking a photo. Or more so the NEED to take one.

What I want to say is that the best way to remember a moment is by simply experiencing it with your whole Being.

The senses are very important for memory.

When we involve all our senses in a situation and truly take time not just to see something, but to feel, smell, touch, hear and sometimes even taste a moment, it has a way better chance to stay with us forever.

Becoming aware of what is going on around us AND inside of us forces us to become present.

Present with the essence and hence the whole beauty of what you are experiencing.

It’s not about what you are experiencing, it’s about how much of you is experiencing it. This shows very well that every single moment is special, we just don’t let ourselves experience it. 

mindful, intentional, being present

We limit ourselves by thinking that beautiful moments are rare when in reality we have the control with how much intensity we live our lives.

We can’t blame outer circumstances when we just need to be more open and present with the seconds passing us by.

Not to terrify us but to make us aware that life indeed ends.

Allowing that thought in more often and evaluating whether we live our lives with the same intensity that we neglect that thought.

A picture can never give you the whole range of a moment just literally a glimpse of it.

If you have a picture of a moment but didn’t experience it fully you cannot really connect to that situation anyway.

I’d like to share that, of course, I also love to take pictures or videos of meaningful moments especially to remember the small details that my mind will most likely forget over time.

But taking into account what I just said, I encourage you to first give yourself a chance to actually make that moment meaningful to you and then take the picture, video, or whatever.

And if a moment is too fleeting to take a picture you can at least say you were fully present with your whole Being.


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