how to wake up earlier and not feel tired - morning motivation

How To Wake Up Earlier And Not Feel Tired – Morning Motivation

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If you’re trying to get up earlier without feeling exhausted before the day even starts, then these tips are for you!

Start your day with a routine that supports your goal to leave the comfort of your bed a little earlier so that you can use that extra time to connect to yourself.

Usually, it’s easier for us to adapt to a new morning routine in the summer months. The sun is already up even when we get up at 5 am or earlier. In case you’re doing this as a challenge or experiment, I would highly recommend choosing a brighter season.  


Sleeping Hours

Make sure that no matter how early you wake up, you should always get enough hours of sleep.

Everybody is different and thus everyone has a different sleep cycle, but on average it’s about 7-9 hours per day.

It’s important for our bodies to have that time to rest and recharge, otherwise, we feel sluggish and easily irritable the next day.

Not really the qualities we’re looking for to have a successful day.


Have a set time you go to bed and stick to it. If you have trouble falling asleep, try to calm down already 1-2 hours before that time.

Avoid the blue light of electronics and alcoholic beverages, drink some herbal tea, read a bit, take a bath, listen to an audiobook, meditate…


Consistent Wake-Up Time

Set the alarm for the same time every day. Be consistent with your wake-up time even if you went to bed a little one night.

When building a new habit consistency is the magic formula – with everything.


No Snooze Button

To get up at the same time every day, you should avoid the snooze button at all costs. It’s tempting, I know, but not quite consistent.

You could try to set your alarm 15 minutes before the time you actually want to get up to have a little more time getting used to the thought of leaving the bed.

I also can’t get up straight after my alarm rings. I love to take things slow in the morning, but I only do this because I know that I’m not going to fall asleep again.

If you are prone to fall asleep soon after your alarm sounds, you should probably not follow that tip but consider having your alarm clock across the room so that you have to get up.

how to wake up earlier and not feel tired - morning motivation


Prepare The Night Before

The best morning routine starts the night before. When the thought of waking up early makes you feel stressed, then you shouldn’t have to worry about other stuff that could make leaving the bed even more dreadful.

Here’s a little list of the things you can prepare the night before:

  • Pack your bag
  • Refill your water cup
  • Set the table
  • Choose your outfit for the next day (look up how the weather will be)
  • If necessary, prepare your lunch and fill it in transportable containers


Have Something To Look Forward To

Which part of your morning routine do you look forward to the most?

The first cup of fresh coffee or tea? A nourishing breakfast? Journaling?

Let that be the first thought after your alarm sounds.

Waking up with the focus on something good that will happen this morning is the best way to start the day.

If you got some exciting plans for that day, you could also think about that.


Take Time For Breakfast

Breakfast is oftentimes the first thing we leave aside when we’re in a rush in the morning hours.

But there’re fast and easy ways to prepare a nourishing and healthy breakfast.

For example, oats with a (plant-based) yogurt and some fruits – it takes less than five minutes to prepare that.

While eating, try to stay present and take your time. This can also be a good reason to get up 15 minutes earlier – to have a mindful breakfast without any stress and rush.


Have A Wake-Up Playlist

Fill this playlist with all the songs that put you in a good mood.

Listen to it while getting ready, bonus points if you dance to it.

If you’re more into slow mornings, you can create a playlist with more easy-going, calmer songs. Inspiration for upbeat songs you can find on my happiness Spotify playlist


Move Your Body

There’s no better way to wake up the mind than moving your body.

After a few minutes of exercise or slow yoga, your mind will feel refreshed and open for the day.

There’s less resistance to the challenges you may encounter during the day because you already accomplished getting over the resistance to work out in the morning.

You can also consider dancing to your favorite songs as a form of exercise!



Another practice for a clear mind is to sit down and be quiet with yourself.

Re-center your focus at the beginning of the day for a fresh start.

It’s perfect for grounding yourself and move through your day with greater ease.

Start with focusing on your breath until there’re no thoughts anymore.

If a thought crosses your mind, just observe it and let it flow.

Five minutes each morning can make a huge impact on your overall well-being throughout the whole day.

What are your tips for waking up earlier? Let me know in the comments!

how to wake up earlier and not feel tired - morning motivation

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