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Personal Growth Habits For Spiritual Health

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We are all quite familiar with self-care practices that sound pretty much like taking a bath, light 1000 scented candles, read a good book, get a massage, and so on.

While these practices are all having a dear place in our routine every once in a while, there is this need for self-care that goes a little deeper than that.

The approach to these self-care practices is a little different as they are addressing areas of our lives that truly move us.

By creating habits and practices around these areas we are improving our lives on all levels.

What is truly affecting our daily behavior? Our innermost beliefs? How can we change how we look at ourselves, our lives, and the Souls around us? What does it truly mean for us to take care of ourselves? 



Take The Time To Heal Old Wounds And Beliefs

Working through childhood trauma and beliefs we picked up at an early age is for sure one of the most painful things but also one of the most rewarding.

There’s no way around healing old wounds if we want to live a truly free life in our adulthood.

If there are unprocessed emotions from situations, we refused to deal with they will stay stuck in our bodies and can leave us ill without apparent reason.

Beliefs you’ve inherited from when you were like five years old are still dictating your behavior now.

You can do the healing work by visualizing your younger Self in a moment of trauma, a moment when you desperately needed someone around to make you feel safe and protected – and be that now in your vision.

Give your younger self the protection it needed exactly in the way it needed it back then – hugs, just being there, words of empathy,…

Work through that moment again and feel all the emotions attached to it. But now from your current perspective, you can heal that situation for your inner child and let go of the sadness and beliefs it derived from that experience.

Don’t rush the process of healing. Go at your own pace. Always listen to your intuition and let it guide you naturally through this process.

personal growth habits for spiritual health


Accepting The Past And Allowing Yourself To Move On

That’s somehow the following step to heal old wounds.

Now that you’ve released the strong emotions around a wound from your childhood, you can accept it as part of your journey in this lifetime.

You can see the deeper meaning behind what has happened to you and intuitively know why this lesson was or will be important in your ongoing life.

Your Soul is choosing its challenges but also its blessings.

Finally, having worked through a major hardship is producing a whole new range of emotions that were long forgotten – relief, peacefulness, contentment.

There is so much expansion and therefore growth happening in the hardest of times.

We had to face a lot of discomfort but now we’ve worked through it and can let it go and move on.

personal growth habits for spiritual health


Expressing Suppressed Emotions

Listen within on a daily basis to check in with your feelings.

What moves you currently? Give yourself time to feel your emotions. That’s the only way to not suppress them.

To not add to your wounds, you need to gently face the feelings you tend to avoid.

We don’t always have the capacity to deal with triggers right away, but we need to take the time shortly after the event.

This can be as simple as sitting in silence for a few minutes and just allow what is coming up.

Come from a curious but unattached place when you feel the emotions arise.

Be very mindful in the process. Where in your body can you feel them?

Simply giving space and practicing awareness is shifting the emotion already.

Because the real problem is not the emotion itself but the avoidance of it.

We can deal with a lot but not quite well with the subtle damages of suppressed emotions.


Getting real with bad habits

As we’re all, you probably have this one thing (or more than one) you find yourself doing all the time although you know it’s bad for you in the long run.

You’re repeating it over and over again because you’ve subconsciously made it an essential part of your routine.

The first step out is always awareness. Take a step back and look at your behavior.

What makes you repeat the same toxic habit all the time?

If it is to feel a positive emotion ask yourself if there are other healthier ways to generate these emotions?

This way you are replacing the habit and not just cutting it out of your life.

Another thing that could help is to become very clear on the consequence it could have for your physical, mental and/or emotional health if you keep on acting on this habit.



Give Your Body The Rest It Truly Needs

Especially in unsettling times, I tend to overbear my body by just keep on going through my life at a very fast pace -> probably because I am thinking that this time will pass by faster like that – which is clearly not the case, it just creates more resistance.

The body is already drained from all the mental energy that is very active in anxious times.

When we then go to bed even later than usual due to insomnia or don’t take care of our bodies’ very basic needs, it will eventually take what it needs.

When our body gets sick, we are forced to slow down. So, we better take care of our temple right away and don’t let it come that far.

By basic needs I mean healthy and nutritious food, enough sleep, regular movement, fresh air, enough water.

Make these essentials for your body a habit even in times you don’t feel emotionally and mentally well.

personal growth habits for spiritual health


Appreciate The Small Blissful Moments Of Life

When we allow ourselves to be present and open to our daily life, we create the best environment for blissful moments.

Small moments we feel so happy that we smile throughout the whole day by the thought of it.

For me it was last week driving in the city while the sun was rising to create the most beautiful orange golden light -> that light was shining in my face making me feel incredibly happy on a normal Wednesday morning.

At the same time, I was listening to my favorite playlist -> the perfect combination for a blissful moment. And the traffic jam didn’t feel so bothersome anymore…

I actually enjoyed the extra time with my music playing and the sunlight shining on my face.

(in case you are interested, here you can find my playlist with happy songs.)

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Those small blissful moments are also hitting me often when I am around my family and friends.

Lately, it became a thought of mine to capture the random routine-like moments I’ve established with people close to me.

Whenever I am around them it feels like it will always be that way and it’s easy to look over those small random habits we have with each other.

But I know that things are constantly changing and in maybe five years I will be craving exactly what I am experiencing now.

I truly try to not take the peaceful time that I got with my loved ones for granted.

Capturing them by engraving them in my heart but also by taking videos of the most random situations.

Because I know that one day, I will look back and they will not be random anymore at all.

personal growth habits for spiritual health


Appreciate Meaningful Souls You Have In Your Life

There are Souls that are meant to stay and Souls that are meant to leave you after a short period of being part of your life. The latter have a very bittersweet feeling to them. 

Some Souls have a huge impact on us although they are in our lives for maybe only two weeks.

They teach us so much, give us clarity about ourselves in the gentlest way.

Of course, some Souls teach us lessons the harsh way, but for this one, I mean the blissful connections.

The Souls we feel so light-hearted around. Everything feels easy and effortless because they give us this comforting feeling that we can be who we truly are around them.

This can be the case with a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a stranger we just met.

Soul connections always hit me randomly in situations I wouldn’t have expected it. Mostly in phases of my life, I felt like I lack clarity.


These Souls helped me to find back to my true Self and guided me on my journey.

Some of them are still in my life but the ones that had a very huge impact were never meant to stay longer than it took me to get the lesson they taught me.

The best thing is that you don’t cling to them, it’s alright that they leave, you can surrender them, these connections are going beyond the clingy ego.

You feel and you know that you are always connected with them in a way that the ego just doesn’t get.

Your Soul knows about the depth and it knows that no goodbye is as final as it seems.

personal growth habits


Are there self-care practices you’ve established that impact you on a deeper level? Please share in the comments!

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