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9 Manifestation Habits For Your Morning Routine

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Give your morning routine a twist by actively including habits that will help you manifest your dream life. The energy we create in the morning determines how we react to the unfolding of our day.

If we accomplish to put ourselves in a high frequency right after waking up, we have a good chance to experience an amazing day.

Making these habits part of your daily ritual will transform your outlook on life, and hence lets you take action toward your goals.

You gain a new perspective on what’s possible for you to achieve. New opportunities you didn’t see before are opening up to you out of nowhere – you attract with more and more ease and confidence.

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Make a list of affirmations that make you feel inspired and feel true to the life you desire to create.

It’s very important that they resonate with you on a deeper level. You can also create your own affirmations perfectly tailored to your ideal life.

Go through your list every day and pick one that resonates the most. Then speak that affirmation out loud or in your head throughout the rest of your morning routine while you get ready. Ideally, you look in the mirror while doing this – a truly powerful manifesting tool.

Another way to use affirmations is to record yourself speaking your favorite affirmations and play them to start the day. You can also categorize the records: (self-)love, health, money, business, appearance.

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Intentions For The Day

Every morning get clear about how you want your day to look like. What would the best possible outcome of this day feel like?

Whenever your mood shifts to a lower frequency you can use this technique to remember that a better option is available.

This is especially important when we are around others. It’s sometimes difficult to stay in a good mood when we’re surrounded by people who only choose to see negativity.

It’s easier to stay in a good mood when you are already clear about what you want from this day.

 (This tip goes for minor mood shifts like when we complain about something unimportant or get caught up in gossip. When you get sad and need to process something this tip doesn’t apply! Take your time to process.)

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Gratitude List

The classic tip. But also one of the best manifestation tools. You hear this one so often for a reason.

When we align with the energy of gratitude something magical happens – we find more and more things to be grateful for.

It’s even more powerful when you can make yourself feel the feelings of gratitude for something that you desire but isn’t here yet – it will surely come when you keep on creating these feelings.

This tip is used so often because it’s relatively easy to access good-feeling thoughts that way.

When we manifest it’s all about how we feel in our everyday life. We all can find five minutes to be grateful for what we have in our lives (physical and non-physical things).

Doing this in the morning helps you to reconnect with those powerful energies when your day hits a low.

The energies we send out are the energies we attract – that’s why we manifest more experiences that make us feel the same way as the things that are on our list.


Visualize Your Ideal Day

An advanced version of getting clear about your intentions of the day is to visualize it. Visualize everything you want to happen during your day.

Get very detailed so that you can better connect with the feelings around it. The more emotions you can bring to the scene the more likely you are to attract a positive outcome. Know that this version of the day exists.

Being clear about your ideal outcome lets you make decisions based on what is most aligned with your version of the day – your life naturally shifts in your direction.


Connect With Your Dream Life

It’s not just important to connect with your daily intentions but also to have your dream life in the back of your mind. The bigger vision of your life determines the smaller daily decisions we talked about earlier. Knowing exactly how you desire to live your life makes it way easier to manifest it. You have clear attributes you can work on every day.

Having that in mind you feel more like taking aligned risks and saying yes to opportunities you would’ve declined back in the days when you were way too absorbed in your comfort zone.

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Listen To Upbeat Music

What better way to lift your mood than listening to your favorite songs? Right, dancing to it!

Create a playlist with upbeat songs and then dance your tiredness away.

Here you can find some inspiration: happy playlist to cheer you up

In case you can’t stand loud, happy music in the morning you could also create a playlist with songs that calm your mind. Easy-to-listen-to-songs that gently wake you up.



Go with your intuition and choose the crystals that fit the day you desire to have. Crystals are the perfect amplifier of our intentions. There’s a crystal for every dream you desire to manifest.

In addition, you can also track at the end of the day how keeping the crystal close to you made you feel, what opportunities you’ve attracted with its help, and if you had any new insights that day.



Get out of the head and into the body. If you’re struggling with morning anxiety you could try to have a little workout, stretching routine, or yoga session.

You are concentrated on the movements and hence feel more centered in your body. The mind is on pause.

Go with the movement that feels right for you in the morning. Oftentimes at the beginning of the day, the body craves a different type of movement than in the middle of the day. Tune in and go with what feels best.

If you’ve made dancing to upbeat music your new habit you can probably skip this one 😊.


manifestation morning routine



Yeah, I know, but I can’t make a list of manifestation habits and don’t mention the power of manifestation!

It’s clearly the most important habit to bring us back into the present moment – where all the magic of life happens.

We only attract and create our reality in the present moment. The future doesn’t exist. Whatever you desire from life you can only create now.

To make space for your wishes to manifest, a beautiful trick is to gently move our endless thoughts aside and let the Universe do its thing.

There’re things we can’t control. With the habits above, you’ve made very clear what you want.

The Universe is informed but also needs its wiggle room to adjust all the things your thoughts hold on too tightly (trying to control outcomes, having things exactly your way, NOW).


Universal Intelligence can only work through you if you allow it. As long as you keep on having thoughts like: “I better do this on my own.”, “What if…”, or “Why isn’t it here yet, I must’ve done something wrong.” – the Universe responds giving you exactly that. You end up feeling like you have to do it all on your own and the outcome still doesn’t feel good.

Use this technique as your daily allowance ritual. Some space for the Universe to let things unfold in the best possible way for you.


Tell me in the comments which morning manifestation habit you like the most! Are some of them already part of your daily rituals?


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