mindful Fall activities

13 Mindful Fall activities for your bucket list

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Fall is the season where we are slowing down after all the fun summer activities. To add a little more mindfulness to the fall activities  you have on your bucket list, you can find 13 activities below, that’ll make this time extra cozy and enjoyable.

These ideas will help you to get out of the blues that comes with the change in weather and let you appreciate this time way more.

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Reading While It’s Raining Outside

The classic autumn activity that is an absolute must because it’s so easy to do.

But still, there’s nothing like reading a book while it’s cloudy and rainy outside.

Even better in combination with a hot chocolate or a warm cup of tea.

Autumn is probably the best reading season. After adventurous summer activities outside we are slowly finding ourselves spending more time inside and enjoying the comfort of our homes.

So, it’s the perfect time to get back on track with our ambitious reading list for the year!

mindful Fall activities

Listening To Autumn Playlists

Fall playlists just have this melancholic/nostalgic tone to them.

Perfect for relaxing background sounds while decorating your apartment, making a Fall road trip, cooking a comfort meal or reading a book while it’s raining.

Here you can get some ideas from my Fall playlist


Bake An Apple Pie

 Or any other pie or cake that you relate to the Fall season.

Going seasonal with our baking choices is never as easy as it is in autumn when all the fruits are ready to be picked.

You can choose from apples, pears, plums, and many more. Using fresh fruit makes the pie even more delicious (and special if we picked the fruits ourselves).

Sharing self-baked sweets is also a good way to say thank you to a loved one.

Fall activities

Take A Fall Walk

The ultimate Fall activity is taking a walk in the late autumn sun while all the leaves are changing their colors.

The weather isn’t all too cold yet, but it’s evident that the summer is over.

Enjoying the beauty of nature is a very grounding activity to do. And in this season, there is a lot of beauty all around us.

It’s in a way teaching us the art of letting go just as the tree lets go of all its leaves to save energy for the winter.

While you are on your walk you can ask yourself: “Where in my life am I giving too much of my energy away?

What drains me?

How do I feel when I come home after a long day giving my energy to other people?

Do I make enough time for my own wishes and needs?”

mindful Fall activities

Photo Session With Autumn Leaves

While on your Fall walk you can also take some photos capturing the beauty of nature.

Get creative with different photography styles and lighting. 

You can use the dramatic effect of the autumn wind or the now low-standing golden afternoon sun.

mindful Fall activities

Pick Some Fall Fruits

For your cake or just as a healthy snack in between.

There are probably only a few of us who are lucky enough to have a garden providing us with fresh fruit every Fall.

But the whole picking fruits while the afternoon sun is shining is the perfect Fall activity.

mindul Fall activities

Wearing Fall Colors

With the colder weather, warmer colors are finding its way into our wardrobe.

In Fall season we got so many cute outfit options from skirts with tights, knit dresses, scarves, and cozy cardigans.

Have a look into your closet and get excited about all the outfits you can create that are perfect for the cozy autumn time.

If you want, you could even create your personal Fall look book with your favorite outfits.

This way you’ll know exactly what to wear for next year as well.


Cook A Pumpkin-Related Meal

There’re endless pumpkin-related recipes everywhere.

Just pick one that speaks to you and take your time while cooking it.

Enjoy your meal without distractions and try to consciously taste all the different spices in it.

Don’t let all of your hard work go wasted by a quick meal in front of the TV. Take time to enjoy every bit of it.


Decorate Your Home

Make your home even cozier with extra blankets and scented candles.

Of course, you can also make some room for spooky decoration items for Halloween.

Prepare your space for cozy nights and get excited for all the reading sessions cuddled up in massive blankets.

Fall Themed Movie Night

What’s your favorite Fall movie?

Get yourself into the nostalgic mood by watching some Fall classics on a rainy afternoon.

Some inspiration for you:

  • When Harry Met Sally
  • every Harry Potter movie
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Twilight
  • Pocahontas


Inviting friends over and having a good time while eating fall-themed snacks next to a warming bonfire is the perfect way to end a Fall day.

mindful autumn activities

Create Your Own Fall Beverages

Fall is the season of spices. Get creative with all the options out there to create your very own Fall beverage.

Let’s be honest just adding some cinnamon or pumpkin spice is already giving everything the touch of Fall.

mindful activities for your fall bucket list

Practice Gratitude

Get your journal out and write about things that have happened over the year that you’re grateful for.

The length of the list doesn’t matter. The only important thing is that it comes from your heart.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to share that list with someone close to you or keep it to yourself.

Some journal prompts for you:

  • “Who was a huge help for me as I was going through a tough time this year?”
  • “A small moment I can still remember very clearly”
  • “What am I doing when I feel at peace?”
  • “A new way of how I’ve experienced rest this year”
  • “What sparks my inspiration?”
  • “What motivates me even after a long, busy day?”


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