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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Celebrate your Mom

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These times more than ever we got to celebrate our moms who are all figuring out how to deal with the circumstances and challenges not just of being a mom but being a mom during a worldwide Pandemic.

Some of us maybe haven’t seen their mom in a while but still want to send her a gift showing appreciation and gratitude for her support.

Find the perfect gift for your mom right here and make her feel hugged (from the distance).



Customizable Prints

On Mapiful you can create customizable text art prints (i.g. of a picture having ALL of her children in it). When you step closer you can read the words the picture is made of. The text you can customize yourself. This is the perfect way to send your mom a loving message. Here you get an example of  how the end result could look like.  

You could also go for prints presenting your mom’s zodiac sign with her name, her birth date and a brief description of her sign. 

Another idea is to create a star map of a memorable night based on date and location. Like the first night she held her beloved baby in her hands (you). 

All prints are produced with sustainably sourced quality paper. 

Free shipping available. 


Essential Oils

Is there a scent your mum never gets tired of? 

Scents have the power to shift our mood. No matter whether we want to feel energized, calm or centered, there’s an oil for every need. You can buy ready mixed blends or you let your mum create her own blends mixing the oils by herself. 

In case she doesn’t have an aroma diffuser (this one has a balloon form)  that would make a perfect gift as well with some basic essential oils like lavender, orange and peppermint.

Another great gift would be an essential oil roller with a calming scent she could use before bed to fall asleep more easily. 

14 best mother's day gift ideas



Another form of filling the home with your mom’s favorite scent is to choose natural candles made out of plant-derived wax and 100% essential oils, which ensures a clean burn without any toxins. They create the perfect atmosphere to unwind in the evening after a long day. Better even enjoyed while having a relaxing bath.

Every month, you will receive a seasonal candle plus a matchbox to light your new flame. The subscription will cycle through an assortment of scents based on the season. To access your Subscription Dashboard, login or create an account with the same email you placed your subscription order with. Your subscription will automatically renew every 1, 2, or 3 months depending on the delivery frequency you selected. You may cancel anytime. Shipping is now included in price. Discounts do not apply. Gift cards are not accepted for subscription boxes.


Mother’s Day Card

Write your own personal message to your mom in a creative way using these cute-looking mother’s day cards. Give your words more emphasis with these Pop-Up cards. 


Ergonomic Pillows

These pillows are aligning perfectly with the natural shape of your body. 

The neck relief cervical pillow supports the neck and head at night from all sides releasing all pressure and ensuring  a restful night of sleep. Also suited for side sleepers. 

The back relief lumbar pillow is especially suited for anyone who wants to improve their posture while sitting. This pillow works for chairs, sofas, car seats,…

They’re both available in different colors. Free shipping in the US (except Hawaii and Alaska) available.

The travel neck pillow supports the neck 360° which makes the head-nodding phenomenon a thing of the past.

If your mom loves to travel a lot or has a long commute this pillow is a must. Another plus is that you can fold it together to a size only slightly larger than a coffee mug. 

Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow
Back Relief Lumbar Pillow


Bath Bombs

Is there a better way to relax than having a bath with rose-shaped bath bombs?

Bath bombs make a beautiful gift and are always a good idea for every mom who likes to take time off in form of a little spa routine.



Does your mom love to wear jewelry? Here you can find some inspiration. Of course, taste differs a lot. If you know your mom’s taste well enough you could consider choosing a nice ring or necklace for her.

Liane Necklace - $34.00

from: Ash and Rose

Piper Ring - $30.00

from: Ash and Rose



These all natural products will help your mom to restore and hydrate her skin every day. 

Wild Rose Clay Mask - $26.00

from: Ash and Rose


Facial Cleansing Brush

The perfect beauty gift for your mom. These brushes enhance the blood flow in the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. There are different modes and heads available for gentle massages up to exfoliating the skin. They are all waterproof and can be used under the shower.


Facial Steamer

Facial steamers are opening the pores and therefore are used before applying skincare products. The skin is now in a condition to fully absorb all the good ingredients of the products used. Also, steamers give that unique and relaxing spa feeling.


Bath And Body

Give your mom the gift of relaxation. Moments by herself to unwind and clear her head. If she struggles to find sleep these products with calming formulas might help her. 



Silky Sleepwear

This one is more on the luxurious side. Does your mom love to walk around in fancy silk robes?

These silk robes are made of 100% silk and are internationally certified. Silk is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. 

Free shipping over 30$.

RachelSilk Art Fashion Silk Scrunchie MID SUMMER'S DREAM, Fashion, Good For Hair Health.


Large Comfy Blanket

These blankets aren’t just incredibly comfortable, they are also a real eye-catcher. Improving the look of the room while snuggling in the next favorite blanket sounds like a perfect gift.

Free shipping worldwide.


Adult Coloring Books

With coloring books the time just flies by, the head is clear and all the worries slowly disappear. The whole process of choosing colors and visually seeing the progress has even therapeutic character.


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