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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Celebrate your Mom

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Find the perfect gift for your mom right here.

Customizable Prints

On Mapiful you can create customizable text art prints (i.g. of a picture having all of her children in it). When you step closer you can read the words the picture is made of. The text you can customize yourself. This is the perfect way to send your mom a loving message. Here you can get an example of how the result could look like.  

You could also go for a print presenting your mom’s zodiac sign with her name, her birth date, and a brief description of her sign. 

Another idea is to create a star map of a memorable night based on date and location. The print shows what the night sky looked like on her special day.

All prints are produced with sustainably sourced quality paper. 

Other options are customizable line art prints, street map posters, and music map posters


Foot Bath

Perfect for tired feet. Heats up in minutes and holds temperature throughout the whole use.

Homedics Shower Bliss Foot Spa w/ Heat Boost Power


Essential Oils

Is there a scent your mum never gets tired of? 

Scents have the power to shift our mood. No matter whether we want to feel energized, calm, or centered, there’s an oil for every need. You can buy ready-mixed blends or you let your mum create her own blends mixing the oils by herself. 

In case she doesn’t have an aroma diffuser that would make a perfect gift as well with some basic essential oils like lavender, orange, and peppermint.

Another great gift would be an essential oil roller with a calming scent she could use before bed to fall asleep more easily. 


Oil Burner

These ceramic oil burners are a perfect companion to essential oils. Just add a few drops and your home will smell like a spa.


Natural Scented Candles

Another form of filling your mom’s home with her favorite scent is to choose natural candles like the ones from Brooklyn Candle Studio.

Made in Brooklyn, New York, out of 100% soy wax infused with essential oils, which ensures a clean burn without any toxins. The wicks are made out of cotton, completely lead-free.

They create the perfect atmosphere to unwind in the evening after a long day. Even better while having a relaxing bath.

They also offer subscription models, so that your mom gets a seasonal candle with a matchbox every one, two, or three months.

You can even take a little quiz to find out which candle matches the personality and preferences of your mum perfectly.


Bath Bombs

Is there a better way to relax than having a bath with rose-shaped bath bombs?

Bath bombs make a beautiful gift and are always a good idea for every mom who likes to take time off in form of a little spa routine.



Does your mom love to wear jewelry? Here you can find some inspiration. Of course, taste differs a lot. If you know your mom’s taste well enough you could consider choosing a nice ring or necklace for her.


Wooden Ring Holder

The Decent Living US Walnut Wood Ring Holder



These all natural products will help your mom to restore and hydrate her skin every day. 

TatchaThe Dewy Skin Cream 50ml/1.7oz


Facial Cleansing Brush

The perfect beauty gift for your mom. These brushes enhance the blood flow in the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. There are different modes and heads available for gentle massages up to exfoliating the skin. They are all waterproof and can be used under the shower.



Facial Steamer

Facial steamers open the pores and therefore are used before applying skincare products. The skin gets perfectly prepared to fully absorb all the good ingredients of the products used. The steamers also give that unique and relaxing spa feeling.


Bath And Body

Give your mom the gift of relaxation. Moments by herself to unwind and clear her head. If she struggles to find sleep these products with calming formulas might help her. 


Air Purifier

In case your mum struggles with allergies, air purifiers can help reduce the suffering. They filter pollen, hair, fur, smoke particles, dust, and odors out of the air.

HEPA H13 w/ PM2.5 Monitor Air Purifier


Bento Box

This Bento box is made of discarded rice husk, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. It’s compostable and won the Eco Choice Award – Most Innovative from NY Now 2018. Perfect for a lunch break outside or for a picnic with the family.

Minimal Natural Fiber Bento Box in Neutral


Wine Glasses With Gold Rim

Large Rhinestone Diamond Glasses w/ Gold Rim -Set of 2 (15 ounces)


Silky Sleepwear

Does your mom love to wear silk pajamas?

These are made of 100% silk. Silk is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. 


Eye Massager

Eye massagers offer deep relaxation and tension relief for tired eyes with air pressure and vibration technology. 4 massage modes, heated and built-in Bluetooth system, so that your mum can listen to her favorite music, white noise, or nature sounds. 

AmaMedic AM-4610 Eye Massager in White
AmaMedic AM-4613 Eye Massager in Grey


Heated Blankets

Heated blankets are perfect for nights at home. You’ll always stay cozy and warm while reading a book. Overheat protection ensures safety while using them.

Westinghouse Heated Warming Blanket - Ultra Soft & Silky Flannel in Charcoal, Size Queen


Tabletop Fire Pit

Fueled by Isopropyl alcohol which ensures a clean flame without smoke or other odors. It’s easy to create a homey and cozy ambiance when the whole family is home with these tabletop fire pits – they can be used inside and outside.

Colsen Round Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit in Grey
Colsen Square Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit in Grey


Self-Heating Mug

Is your mum complaining about the coffee getting cold a lot? These self-heating coffee mugs make sure that your beverage stays warm.

Ui Self-Heating Mug & Wireless Charger - Ui Artist Collection in Mint Glacier, Size 13oz


Fluffy Bathrobe

These bathrobes are made out of 100% thick cotton to ensure that you are extra comfy after your shower session. The material is very absorbent, you could also use the robe to dry yourself after your bath or shower.


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