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Playlist: Songs For When You Have A Crush

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You’ve got a special someone on your mind? This playlist is for everyone who has a crush, butterflies in the stomach or already deeply in love (even if it’s just from the distance).

This playlist is all about the sweet feelings we all know when they’re around, the way we light up when we see them.

There’re songs to let your thoughts drift away when you picture them in your mind, as well as songs you can dance to from sunset to sunrise. 

81 songs + what I call “Crush Lines” → lyrics to fall in love to

crush playlist
  • Right Now – Ayelle

Crush Line: “This feels so intense right now, And I can’t wait to love you down”


  • Be My Baby – HoneyWire

Crush Line: “I’ll make you happy, baby, just wait and see” // “You know I will adore you ‘til eternity”


  • Have You Ever Been In Love – The Ivy

Crush Line: “You’re pulling my heart, keeping me up in the dark”


  • Take Me Where Your Heart Is – Q

Crush Line: “I just want you to take me where your heart is”


  • Can I Call You Tonight – Dayglow

Crush Line: “I hear your voice in my phone, now I’m no longer alone” // “Just how I feel, could you tell me what’s real”


  • Next 2 You – Matt DiMona, Kiki Halliday

Crush Line: “You make me feel like I live in a kaleidoscope dream”


  • Tongue Of Yours – Ryan Egan

Crush Line: “I don’t wanna be just friends”


  • Love Is Always There – Majid Jordan

Crush Line: “Give me your heart, give me your hand, I’ll show you that love is always there”


  • Tell the-Girl – Golden Vessel and Emerson Leif

Crush Line: “I don’t need a reason to love you” // “Is it easier to run than stay?”


  • Electric Feel – Henry Green

Crush Line: “This is what the world is for making electricity”


  • Makeout – Faze Wave

Crush Line: “Stay out all night, don’t care much more, I want to address how you watch me undress now”


  • Fallingforyou – The 1975

Crush Line: “On this night, and in this light, I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you” // “I’ll take it one day at a time, soon you will be mine, oh, but I want you now” // “I don’t want to be your friend, I want to kiss your neck”


  • Addicted To You – Ed Patrick

Crush Line: “The sound of every single thing that you say breaks down all that I know”

crush playlist
  • OG Heartthrob – Majid Jordan

Crush Line: “They all had me wrong except for you” // “I can’t take waking up to anyone but you”


  • On The Low – Tove Styrke

Crush Line: “Just want you and I, with no space in between” // “You and me, we’re too damn good to let it be”


  • Into You – Nick Wilson

Crush Line: “I’m so into you, I can barely breathe”


  • Lovers – Anna of the North

Crush Line: “Reach out and show a little loving, shine a little light on me”


  • Could Cry Just Thinking About You – Troye Sivan

Crush Line: “Every line I write is something about you”


  • Nasty – Ariana Grande

Crush Line: “Promise I’m still going to love you in the AM”


  • Falling – The Lagoons

Crush Line: “I can’t help falling, falling over you”


  • It Was Always You – The Ivy

Crush Line: “It was always you, you were always getting to my heart”


  • There’s A Honey – Pale Waves

Crush Line: “Live in my heart if you want to”

  • Makeout – Dreams We’ve Had

Crush Line: “Makeout, makeup and kiss me slow”


  • Got Love – Ayelle

Crush Line: “I’ve only got love for you”

  • Medicine – The 1975

Crush Line: “You’re my medicine”


  • Lovecaught – The Ceremonies

Crush Line: “dreaming of you makes my heart feel this way”

  • Say My Name – Tove Styrke

Crush Line: “Say my name, wear it out like a sweater that you love”

  • Valentine – COIN

Crush Line: “You ever love something so much it hurts?”

  • Falling In Love – Glimmer Of Blooms

Crush Line: “Not sure if I can tell you now, but I’ve been falling in love with you somehow”

  • Summer by Phillip Larue

Crush Line: “You’re looking at the sunset but all

I can see, all I can see is your face

And I get lost in it”


  • Tangerine Skies – Edwin Raphael, Claire Ridgely

Crush Line: “Baby move like you want, and make me feel this way”


  • 5 For Ya – Emily Kruger

Crush Line: “Hard to take it slow cause love is so impatient

Divin’ for your love so bad that I can taste it”


  • Ocean Eyes – Geographer

Crush Line: “I’ve been walkin’ through a world gone blind, can’t stop thinkin’ of your diamond mind”


  • Lovesick – BANKS

Crush Line: “I know your love before I kissed you, and now you have only made me miss you”

crush playlist


  • Close To You – Dayglow

Crush Line: “We locked eyes from a distance
So close, but I missed it”


  • Waves Of Blue – Majid Jordan

Crush Line: “I wanna touch your light
I wanna breathe in your air” // “I’m in love with the thought of being in love with you” // “Wanna hear your song, wanna dance to your heartbeat”


  • Galaxy Surfing – Jadu Heart

Crush Line: “Can you feel me now?
Down in your soul?”


  • Weightless – Chiiild

Crush Line: “Nights like this an endless kiss is all you really need.” // “Let’s think about nothing, just think about nothing, lay there and just daydream”


  • Can You Be Mine – Joe Vann

Crush Line: “Your love is taking up the space, I can barely breathe, and I don’t want to get away, I need to feel the high”


  • Easy – Pale Waves

Crush Line: “Nothing’s ever felt this right, I look at you and I feel alive” // “You changed something inside me
I’m not who I used to be”


  • The Dress – Dijon

Crush Line: “We should go out and dance like we used to dance
We should go out and hold hands like lovers hold hands”

  • Pull Me Down – Mikky Ekko

Crush Line: “Pull me down if you want to and I hope that you want to”


  • Twenty Something – Nightly

Crush Line: “Don’t freak out, we’re only twenty something, all I know is that with you there’s something”


  • Electric – Alina Baraz, Khalid  

Crush Line: “Love me, take me to outer space”


  • The Greatest – Ayelle

Crush Line: “All I have now are the memories you gave me”


  • Always Been You – Sarah Reeves

Crush Line: “It was always holding me, even in my wandering, like a force of gravity, it was your love for me”


  • Sway – Tove Styrke

Crush Line: “Both of us kinda shy, but we ain’t got the time”


  • American Eyes by Promises Ltd.

Crush Line: “Let you back in my heart again, I always tell you there’s room when I know there isn’t”


  • Peaches by Milk & Bone, Alex Lustig

Crush Line: “Don’t know the difference between right and wrong, I don’t care, I wanna feel it all”

  • My Hands by Jack Gray

Crush Line: “You talk too much I can’t keep up ’cause you took my head when you took my hands”


  • Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You by The Arctic Monkeys

Crush Line: “Well, I know that getting you alone isn’t easy to do, with the exception of you I dislike everyone in the room”


  • Load Love by Ivory City

Crush Line: “Too young, too in love to think”


  • Feelings by Lauv

Crush Line: “Is my love too much? Is it just enough for you, for you?”


  • If You Are Too Shy (Let Me Know) by The 1975

Crush Line: “Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes”


  • Eden by Hunter Plake

Crush Line: “You’re my eden. You’re my muse. So connected when your body moves”


  • Summer On You by PRETTYMUCH

Crush Line: “Baby, I ain’t got no money. All I got is time. And I’m gon’ spend that time on you”


  • Shut Up – Greyson Chance

Crush Line: “When your eyes catch mine, I know I talk too much, so give me your two lips and baby, I’ll shut up”

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