9 relaxing bedtime habits that help you fall asleep quickly

How To Fall Asleep Fast: Relaxing Night Routine

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When anxious thoughts are spinning around in our heads it’s hard to find any sleep.

The mind is occupied with something stupid we said last week, the big meeting the next day, or a disagreement we had with a loved one.

There’re a lot of things that can leave the mind very busy. This leads to insomnia-filled, sleepless nights.

In this article, you can find habit ideas that will help you to calm down before going to bed so that you have a restful night’s sleep.

Relaxing habits you can easily incorporate into your night routine that help to diminish insomnia and make you fall asleep quickly.

Listening To A Relaxing Playlist

For me, there’s no easier way to drift into a peaceful sleep than listening to relaxing music or frequencies.

It’s enough to mute the chatter in the mind. But more in a gentle way. Like the mind doesn’t even notice that it’s turned off.


Off Screen Time And Social Media Habits

Well, this tip is for sure no secret but still, most of us aren’t quite consistent with it.

At least turn off the blue light on all your devices and try to not use them 1-2 hours before sleeping.

But it’s not just the light situation that can make us feel uneasy before going to sleep.

Scrolling through social media especially right before bed can be quite a toxic habit.

Going to bed with the subconscious feeling of not being or doing enough is letting us stay awake contemplating all the things we “should” do in order to be as pretty and successful as the person we see in our feeds.

What you feel right before falling asleep is important for what you experience in your daily life. Keep that in mind.

Consider unfollowing a bunch of accounts that make you feel uneasy, that feel off-putting.

If something’s feeling wrong and you find yourself comparing your life to their life just stop giving energy to that account and unfollow.

Start to follow people who share affirming messages.

Trust your intuition when it comes to social media!


Plan Out The Next Day

Not knowing the exact tasks that need to get done the next day or having no clear prioritization in your to-do-list can leave your mind feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

It tries to make a plan on how to do it all because it can’t differentiate which tasks truly need to get done and what can wait for later.

Make it easier for your mind and just take 5 minutes in the evening to plan out your next day.

Having a clear picture of the next day calms the mind, hence no anxious thoughts when going to bed.

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Herbal Tea

Drinking a hot cup of tea in itself is already the perfect way to unwind.

Making use of natural herbs helping us to ease our minds is even better.

Some of the best teas for easing anxiety and falling asleep quickly are chamomile, lavender, and passion flower tea.


Relaxing Essential Oils

Another way of using nature’s gifts to feel calm before bed.

There’re tons of essential oil blends that can help you fall asleep faster. But you can also use just one specific oil for your diffuser.

The best essential oils for better sleep and easing anxiety are:

Lavender: calming for the nervous system, reduces restlessness, stress and tension, restful sleep

Peppermint: mental clarity, reduces tension and anxiety, calming for the nerves

Chamomile: increases inner harmony, reduces overthinking and anxiety, falling asleep faster

Clary Sage: calms the nervous system, stress and anxiety relief, reduces mood swings and irritability

Bergamot: reduces stress and anxiety, uplifting, reduces negativity and tension


In case you don’t have an aroma diffuser you can also light candles with calming scents.

Make sure to use plant-derived wax candles to help the environment. They are also better for your health because they don’t emit any toxins or carcinogens, unlike paraffin candles.

Plus, they even burn down slower than paraffin candles, so you get more for your money.


Bedtime Yoga Or Stretching

An incredibly calming habit is a 10 minutes bedtime yoga and/or stretching routine.

You can do this straight before you go to bed or when you’re already laying in your bed.

By focusing on moving our body slowly the mind calms down as well. Afterward, we feel relaxed and sleepy.

Problems don’t seem so big anymore and we fall asleep more easily.


Reading In Bed

While reading your mind is occupied with another story than your own.

The mind uses its energy to imagine a different world and has less energy left to think about your life.

Also reading in bed is a perfect way to get sleepy eyes.


Try Out Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are a great way to drift asleep. It’s all about getting the mind into a higher frequency than anxiety and help you fall asleep.

There are Subliminals/binaural beats for nearly every topic – frequency of abundance, wish fulfillment, connecting with the chakras, letting go of negative beliefs,…

Binaural beats stimulate the brain hemispheres with two slightly different frequencies that overlap.


Meditation Or Guided Meditation

Stillness invites solutions to come in.

We carry a lot of heaviness throughout the day that isn’t ours to carry.

By giving space to go beyond the anxious thoughts we find it easier to see the truth of the situation and come up with ways to deal with it.


All the answers we are seeking we can’t find externally. That’s in fact a beautiful thing because it means we don’t have to run around searching and searching.

We just need to sit down with ourselves and get real and honest.

Where is the origin of the discomfort you feel? Is it like that for a long time already or is it just a stressful phase in your life? Do you find yourself in the same situation over and over again but with a slightly different context? Go beyond and especially go beyond judgment of any form.


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