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30 Self-Care And Wellness Gift Ideas

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Are you on the search for the perfect gift for your self-care loving person? Here you can find the 22 wellness gift ideas they’re secretly wishing for all year long.

They’re always a fit no matter whether it’s holiday season, their birthday, or a little gift in between.

I’ve included gifts that meet different price ranges, so there’s something for every occasion. 

self-care and wellness gift ideas for her


Wellness And Self-Care Books

Books are a good way for your loved one to dive even deeper into the world of wellness and self-discovery. They help to make small changes in everyday life that have a huge impact on their health and overall well-being.

If your person prefers audiobooks and podcasts you could consider getting them an Audible Gift Membership. There’re 1, 3, 6 and 12 month membership options.


Self-Improvement Games

With these games you improve yourself by training mindfulness. Tasks and conversation starters that let you take real-life action on your goals and encourage accountability. They’re great to deepen the relationship in a group of friends, family or even on a date. 


Back And Neck Massager

Does your person complain a lot about tension in their muscles or soreness? Then a back and neck massager might be a good option for them. It’s an easy at-home solution for pain relief. They are merging with the contours of the body and have adjustable speeds. 

Shiatsu Heated Pillow Massager for Back & Neck in Black


Eye Massager

Eye massagers offer deep relaxation and tension relief for tired eyes with air pressure and vibration technology. 4 massage modes, heated and built-in Bluetooth system, so that you can listen to your favorite music, white noise, or nature sounds. 

AmaMedic AM-4610 Eye Massager in White
AmaMedic AM-4613 Eye Massager in Grey
Bob and Brad Smart Eye Massager w/ Heat and White Noise


Massage Gun

Massage guns are more for punctual tightness and pain points in the muscles. They come with a variety of massage heads for the different muscle groups. 

Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun in Black


Scented Soy Candles

They have a clean burn, which is healthier for the lungs than paraffin candles. (Soy candles don’t emit toxins and carcinogens) Also, soy burns down slower, so these candles last longer. 

Overall they are better for the planet and better for our health.

Brooklyn Candle Studio offers a deluxe candle of the month subscription with a full-sized seasonal candle, a travel candle and a matchbox with lighters. You can also find a range of gift sets on their website.


Essential Oils

Essential oils help as little mood boosters (citric scents), to soothe an anxious mind (i.e. Clary Sage), or to fall asleep faster (i.e. Lavender).

They can be used with an Essential Oil Diffuser to fill the whole room with the scents.


Essential Oil Diffuser

self-care and wellness gift ideas

They humidify the air which is very useful in the winter season when the skin and eyes get dry from the heated air.

Used with essential oils they fill your place with relaxing or mood-boosting scents. 

Brookstone Essential Oil Ceramic Diffuser in Beige


White Noise Machine

Does your person struggle to find sleep? A white noise machine can help with that problem. You can choose from a number of different background sounds and set many hours of continuous play. They can be used for more concentration while working on a project or for their home office as well.

Smart Digital Alarm Clock w/ Sleep Sounds and Bluetooth Speaker in Black


Make-Up Erasers

With make-up erasers, no additional make-up remover is needed – only warm water.

Another huge plus is that they’re washable, hence reusable. They replace up to 500 make-up wipes. They easily fit into any cosmetic bag. 


Facial Cleansing Brush

A powerful tool for deep cleaning the skin, enhancing blood circulation, and getting rid of dead skin cells. The different settings range from massaging the face to exfoliating. All of them are waterproof and can be used in the shower. 



Gua Sha Tools

Gua Sha helps blood circulation, reduces puffiness, sculpts the face, and relieves tension. You can practice it as part of your skincare routine.

Remi Uplift Facial & Body Massage Roller w/ Gua Sha in Purple


Facial Steamer

Facial steamers are used before applying skincare on the face to open the pores. That way the skin can absorb all the beneficial ingredients even more. Spa feelings are guaranteed.  


IPL Hair Removal 

Let’s be real shaving is pretty wasteful, inefficient and can lead to ingrown hair. Every other day we need to repeat the same procedure to have the desired results. It’s not quite a long-term solution. 

IPL hair removal is the long-term option that lets us save a ton of time. Another plus is that you don’t need to restock razors all the time.

With IPL technology you ideally only buy the device once in your life and are good to go. So in the end it’s saving us money. 

IPL Hair Removal Device in White


Skin Care


A relaxing way to unwind after a busy day is to take some time for your skincare routine. Let your person find back to balance with these bestselling products.


Hair Styling Tools

With these bestselling hair styling products it’s magically easy to get more volume out of your hair. Salon-level blowouts at home!


Bath Bombs

self care gifts

Only natural ingredients make these bath bombs an extra clean and joyful experience. They also make a very pretty gift you want to try out right away.



Nothing feels as comfortable as wearing a warm and fluffy bathrobe after a relaxing shower. Snuggled up on the couch before eventually going to bed.


Satin Robes

Make your person feel extra elegant with these stylish satin wrap robes. Perfect for lounging at home, but looking real cute while doing so.


Towels With Initials

Soft cotton towels with the initials of your person are a nice way to give a personalized gift.


Comfy Slippers

A perfect way to complete every loungewear outfit are these warm and fluffy slippers. The antidote to cold feet. Give your person the feeling of walking on clouds every day.


Cozy Blanket


For cozy evenings with a book or watching the favorite show on TV. These blankets keep your person extra warm and comfy.


Heated Blankets

These heated blankets are the best gift for a homebody. They’ll always stay cozy and warm reading a book with these blankets. Overheat protection ensures safety while using them. They come with 10 heating settings and are also washable. 

Westinghouse Heated Warming Blanket - Silky Flannel Lined Sherpa in Charcoal, Size Queen
Westinghouse Heated Warming Blanket - Ultra Soft & Silky Flannel in Charcoal, Size Queen
Westinghouse Heated Warming Blanket Flannel to Sherpa in Charcoal, Size Queen


Yoga Mat

self-care an wellness gift ideas

Yoga mats are an essential item for nearly every wellness and self-care-loving person. But because of the frequent use, they can get cracky really fast.

The yoga mats below are non-slippery and made without any toxic chemicals.

Yoga Mat in Coral


Yoga Outfit

The perfect yoga outfit is not just a set of clothes; it’s a key to unlocking the ultimate yoga experience.  A great yoga outfit combines comfort, style, and functionality.

Square Neck Backless Sports Bra
Black High Waisted Pocket Leggings 24â€쳌


Water Bottle


A water bottle is always a good idea as everyone benefits from a regular water intake throughout the day.

They all come with a straw lid that prevents leakage while drinking. That way your person always stays refreshed without worrying about spots on their clothes. 

Uvio Self-Purifying Water Bottle in Glacier White


Self-Heating Mug

This system keeps your hot beverage hot!

Ui Self-Heating Mug & Wireless Charger - Ui Artist Collection in Mint Glacier, Size 13oz



There’re many ways to use a journal. Writing down emotions that bottled up throughout the day, using them as a gratitude journal, or writing down dreams, wishes and goals. The uses for a journal are endless.


Coloring Books

The perfect gift for mindful creativity. With coloring books, the time just flies by. There’re no thoughts spinning around in the head. Except for which color to choose next.

As the mind is quiet with this practice you can even call it a form of meditation.  A great gift for anyone who seeks a relaxing way to unwind after a stressful day. 


Wellness Gift Box

These self-care and wellness gift box collections offer a well-deserved pamper session for your person.

Everything is just peachy??! Try our Peach Fragranced Bath Set today!?


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