spiritual self-care and wellness gift ideas for her

19 Spiritual Self-Care And Wellness Gift Ideas

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Here you can find all the self-care gifts for the modern spiritual Soul. No matter whether it’s holiday season, their birthday or any other occasion to celebrate, you’ll find the perfect gift right here. All the ideas are in an affordable price range under 50$. 

Since I’m all for tools that enhance my spiritual journey, add joy to my life and connect me more to my Soul, I’d love to see all of these gifts under the Christmas tree, on my birthday table or as a small thoughtful gift in-between.

I hope you get some inspiration on what fits best with the person that’s very special to your heart and soul.

spiritual wellness self care gift ideas


Tarot Decks

spiritual self-care and wellness gift ideas

A classic spiritual tool that helps connecting us with our inner guidance. The hidden depths of our subconscious mind are getting revealed by using tarot cards as the bridge of communication.

My personal favorite is the Fountain Tarot Deck. It has very aesthetic, soft and dreamy images. That one was my first tarot deck, although the Rider Waite is usually the most popular deck to get started with because it works with many symbols. 


Oracle Cards

spiritual self-care and wellness gift ideas

Oracle Cards are used for additional messages to bring even more depth to tarot readings. For every possible topic, there’s an oracle deck. Which is wonderful but at the same time overwhelming as it easily turns into an “I-Want-Them-All-Syndrom”.

Below you can find some aesthetic and illuminating oracle decks that make a very pretty gift. 


Meditation Cushion

These ones are helping with a better posture while meditating. Which makes it easier to let go of thoughts like “I think my legs are falling asleep” or “I probably can’t sit like this for longer than five minutes.” 


Yoga Mat

spiritual self-care and wellness gift ideas
Another essential for nearly every spiritual soul is a yoga mat. But they usually get cracky pretty fast and/or smell bad because of cheap materials.
The mats below have a non-slippery texture and a longer duration because the material allows more flexibility during the yoga practice.


Yoga Block

A useful tool for practicing yoga are blocks. They help with flexibility, keeping balance in the poses or deepening stretches.

The yoga blocks below are made of 100% natural eco-friendly cork. Cork maintains its shape also after frequent uses. The material is more resistant than foam blocks. 



Books (astrology, spiritual growth, poetry, workbooks)


Books are great for expanding the mind and gaining new perspectives. They can help us understand and heal. There’re books for personal and spiritual growth, as well as books about crystals, astrology, poetry or interactive workbooks. Below you can find a selection with a few of these. All of them cover different aspects of what could be interesting for Souls that are drawn to spirituality.

If your person is more the audiobook/podcast type you could consider getting them an Audible Gift Membership. There’re 1, 3, 6 and 12 month membership options available.


Cute Symbolic Mug

You just can’t have enough cute mugs that make you smile in the morning or just make you want to drink more throughout the day. Here you can find some that I would love to sip on every single day:


Home Decor

Upgrading the own space with some home decor is always fun. It’s all about looking around and feeling inspired by the little things we added (or replaced) thoughtfully to our rooms.

Here are some great gifts for every home decor obsessed soul. Like we all are to some degree 🙂



spiritual self-care and wellness gift ideas


Crystals can be used for very specific areas in life we want to improve. For every need, there’s a crystal. That’s why I would recommend listening closely to what’s going on in your persons’ life and research which crystal is best for their situation. 

Generally, you can never be wrong with a Rose Quartz as it enhances love of all kinds (family, friendship, relationships, self-love).

Another classic is Amethyst. It’s related to the third-eye chakra and helps to connect to our intuition/inner wisdom.


Jewelry (Crystal, Symbolic)

You can also get your loved one a crystal in form of jewelry. Or jewelry with spiritual symbols. 

Fabienne Necklace - $68.00

from: Ash and Rose


Dream Journal

Dreams are holding a lot of meaning that often we can only fully comprehend looking back at them after some time has passed. For that reason, dream journals are incredibly valuable. They make it way easier to stick to the habit of writing down our dreams every morning. Especially when they look as cute as these ones:


Bath, Body And Skincare

We all need time for rest and restoration. These natural products help every Soul to find back to balance after a busy day. 


Singing Bowl



Singing bowls create sounds that help you to get into a deeply relaxing state. That’s why they can be used as an extra for the daily meditation practice.  


Essential Oil Diffuser

They’re filling the room with relaxing scents, humidify the air (especially great for dry skin) and also have a changing light option. 

Used in combination with essential oils it can help with more restful sleep.

Best essential oil diffusers for aromatherapy


Essential Oils

There’re essential oils that can be used for boosting your mood, having a clear mind, relaxing after a busy day, enhancing your sleep quality, and so on… 


Scented Wax Candles


Going for plant-derived wax candles has a lot of benefits in contrast to using paraffin candles. They help the environment and your health because they don’t emit any toxins or carcinogens as paraffin candles do. They also burn down slower than paraffin ones -> so you get more hours for your money!

Chakra Incense sticks


Tea Bags Sampler Box

They make the perfect gift for every tea lover. You get a huge variety of flavors (15×4), so there’s something for everyone in this set. The tea set is organic and made with 100% natural ingredients. 


Tea Pot

A great addition to a tea bag set would be a beautifully designed tea pot. 


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