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Summer Songs: Refreshing Playlist To Cool Down

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This playlist is made to get you in the perfect summer mood – being at the beach with friends, having a little road trip, relaxing next to the pool, or just hanging out in an air-conditioned room where you somewhat survive the heat and need some beats to cool you down.

Of course, you can also listen to these 67 songs at work to dream yourself away to the perfect place to enjoy the sunny weather.

No matter your situation, this playlist is always a fit. So have fun with it.

I’ve included little summer lyrics perfect to add to your bullet journal.

You can listen right here with Spotify.

refreshing summer playlist


  • Stuck In California – Rightfield

Summer Lyric: “Driving down the highway all alone, Screaming every song on the radio”


  • Compromised – Tim Atlas

Summer Lyric: “ Is it so wrong that I’m curious? Just need a little more time to get to know you better “


  • Brooklyn In The Summer – Aloe Black

Summer Lyric: “You feel like Brooklyn in the summer, Been hiding, half awake for so long“


  • Somebody Special – Nina Nesbitt

Summer Lyric: “I could just be dancing in the kitchen, Wearing your t-shirt like a dress, Treasure me like I cost a million“


  • Breathe, Be Happy – Tep No

Summer Lyric: “Where will we go? All the sad songs will leave us down this road“


  • Love Lies – Khalid feat. Normani

Summer Lyric: “So baby, tell me where your love lies, Waste the day and spend the night, Underneath the sunrise“


  • Pretend – Hovvdy

Summer Lyric: “Look at your eyes like I’m lacking a punchline“


  • On The Low – Tove Styrke

Summer Lyric: “you and me, we’re too damn good to let it be“


  • Summer – Phillip Larue

Summer Lyric: “ You’re looking at the sunset but all I can see, all I can see is your face, And I get lost in it“


  • Here If You Want (Pale Blue) – MOSSS

Summer Lyric: “Soft lit in pale blue, Pour me one more drink ‘fore I change my mind“


  • Elodie – Ten Fé

Summer Lyric: “I realise what I’m throwing away, On a summer night I still hear you say, Standing there with your red coat on “Where does a lover go when a love’s undone?“


  • Anemone – slenderbodies

Summer Lyric: “Down below, My thoughts can wander and I let go, I don’t need much in my life I know, I like it better underwater“


  • Happy Man – Jungle

Summer Lyric: “It all could be different, time to do something new, I’ve given everything, I want to be a happy man“


  • Good Nights – Whethan feat. Mascolo

Summer Lyric: “We push back all our problems daily, Polaroid shots in the mountains, baby, We had time to make good nights“


  • Stolen Liqour – Chloe Lilac

Summer Lyric: “Meet me by the lake til’ you miss me boy, Will you listen boy, And just kiss me boy“


  • Super Far – LANY

Summer Lyric: “Waking up to nothing when you’re super far from home, And I watch you fall asleep at night and lay there on my own“


  • Riptide – Vance Joy

Summer Lyric: “You’re the magician’s assistant in their dreams“


  • The Way I Am – Charlie Puth

Summer Lyric: “I’ma tell ’em all that you could either hate me or love me, But that’s just the way I am“


  • Going Home – Twist

Summer Lyric: “Going home, going home, going home to you“


  • Dreary – Lo Noom

Summer Lyric: “Come on sun I wanna see you smiling“ // “When everything’s done lovin’ life is just the only way” // “Bring me to the city in a nice car, Pick me up at night”


  • Hope I’m Good – Zanski

Summer Lyric: “Is this a movie oh I hope it’s a good one, I’m in the movie oh I hope it’s good fun“


  • Bloom Later – Jesse

Summer Lyric: “Every time you glow then I start to grow, Can’t do it alone anymore in the dirt“ // “You are my sun, And every season I need you to come back”


  • California Girls NoMBe VS Sonny Alven – NoMBe

Summer Lyric: “She loves the sunlight, how it paints on her soft skin”  // “California girls got me outside all night“


  • Summer Lover (Summer Remix) – Cub Sport, EMBRZ

Summer Lyric: “Baby, the waves were crashing down on me, Felt like I forgot how to breathe without you “


  • Just Tell Me – Nico Yaryan

Summer Lyric: “I’ve been making you wait so long, Does it feel like we’ve come and gone, Tell me baby are we still on? Just tell me the love is strong “


  • Good Girls – LANY

Summer Lyric: “Dancing in the light of a canyon sun, Racing every wave, Going North on the one“


  • A Mountain With No Ending – Classixx, Panama

Summer Lyric: “And I want for you to know when you are gone this house is a ghost “


  • Sunsets Pt. 2 – SG Lewis

Summer Lyric: “I’ll see you when the sun sets ‘Cause I’ve got anecdotes from years ago, So you’ll remember how hard I loved you, baby“ // “We were like a dream but real to me”


  • Summer on You – PRETTYMUCH

Summer Lyric: “Baby, I ain’t got no money, All I got is time, And I’m gon’ spend that time on you“


  • Episode – Gallant

Summer Lyric: “So inconsistent with my passion that I threw it all out“


  • Problems – Petit Biscuit, Lido

Summer Lyric: “She says she knows just how to cool down California, for me “


  • Doesn’t Matter – Gallant, A$AP Ferg

Summer Lyric: “Talking to the moon with the lights down“

Summer chill playlist


  • Truly Madly Deeply (Recorded At Spotify Studios NYC) – Yoke Lore

Summer Lyric: “I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be your fantasy, I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your love, be everything that you need“


  • Sometimes – Goth Babe

Summer Lyric: “I’ll see the stars in the morning and the clouds when the sun goes down “


  • Electric Feel – Henry Green

Summer Lyric: “Put your circuits in the sea, This is what the world is for, Making electricity“


  • 4EVER – Clairo

Summer Lyric: “Some things just never seem to fade, I’m thinking ’bout how we were on our first date “


  • Alaska – Maggie Rogers

Summer Lyric: “I walked off you, And I walked off an old me “


  • Swim – Haiva Ru

Summer Lyric: “I’m driving all over town at midnight, You’ve been all in my head, gotta unwind“ // “Lit a match and watched it spark under California’s stars”


  • West Coast – The Neighbourhood

Summer Lyric: “Always hard to see past the surface when it looks so perfect “


  • Undo – The 1975

Summer Lyric: “I didn’t even see you when I liked you, Now I ain’t got no time“


  • Summer Games – Drake

Summer Lyric: “How can you be angry on a night in July and be warm with me when it’s freezin’ outside“


  • Pancakes – LANY

Summer Lyric: “I love the way you sound when it’s dark outside“ // “You are the best, please don’t ever change on me”


  • Consequence – Zanski

Summer Lyric: “Got my things spread on the floor, it’s the consequence of more“


  • Striptease – carwash

Summer Lyric: “Do you remember when we kissed in the bathroom? Damn, that was just two hours ago“ 


  • It’s Alright – Motel 7

Summer Lyric: “I felt something crazy, the way you looked, it changed me “


  • Summer – Chloe Lilac

Summer Lyric: “On the train and I’m feeling like I wanna do something I’ll regret when the sun comes up tomorrow morning “


  • Sally valentine – Anwar Hadid

Summer Lyric: “Lend me your mind, Should have wasted time“


  • 5 For Ya – Emily Krueger

Summer Lyric: “Hard to take it slow cause love is so impatient, Divin’ for your love so bad that I can taste it“


  • Feels Like A Dream – Emilee

Summer Lyric: “They said this phase wouldn’t last but do you still got my heart beating fast“


  • Heels – NoMBe

Summer Lyric: “Go put your favorite heels on and walk all over me“


  • Krawski – Natalie Green

Summer Lyric: “I’m not the only one who wants to pretend I’m okay in the end “


  • Have You Ever Been In Love – The Ivy

Summer Lyric: “You’re pulling my heart, keeping me up in the dark, I’m still on the chase still haven’t seen your face but we’re not far apart“


  • OTW – Khalid, 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign

Summer Lyric: “Put it in drive, I’ll be outside, I’ll be on the way“


  • Passionfruit – Drake

Summer Lyric: “Passionate from miles away“


  • Dive – Tim Atlas

Summer Lyric: “Something in the air but it’s difficult to share so I initiate a little stare “


  • Cherry Cola – Kuwada

Summer Lyric: “If it’s not you, then it won’t do”// “Well, I’m just searching for classic and timeless, Oh, hey, there I think I found it“


  • City Of Angels – Cub Sport

Summer Lyric: “Baby, we’re a stream running right into the ocean“ // “And that’s the beauty of time, we learn to heal and unwind”


  • Weekend – Clubhouse

Summer Lyric: “Let me make you smile, baby all night“


  • Mesmerised – XY&O

Summer Lyric: “The papers that bind us together, Hide them in places you’ll find“ // “I fell in love in your direction, I fell apart in your smile”


  • Sway – Tove Styrke

Summer Lyric: “Both of us, kinda shy, but we ain’t got the time “


  • Till You Sink – MOSSS

Summer Lyric: “when those feelings intensify What can you do?“ // “Thought things were going so great when they were going okay”


  • Better In My Head – The Ivy

Summer Lyric: “Maybe I know you better in my head“


  • Wild World – des hume

Summer Lyric: “And I know it doesn’t make any sense but there’s nothing wrong with slowing down

The only for certain is the world goes round“

refreshing summer playlist


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