The sun theme is all about acting on the inspiration we get from the vision we create for our life. Where going after our dream life doesn’t feel like “hard work” but rather like something we are willing to put our drive into. Connecting with our motivation by knowing where we want to go and take action based on our excitement.

Before we dive deep into setting our goals and intentions for the new year, it's good to take a closer Read more
money and abundance affirmations
Affirmations are a helpful tool to change limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and our lives. Speak affirmations daily by Read more
how to wake up earlier and not feel tired - morning motivation
If you’re trying to get up earlier without feeling exhausted before the day even started, then these 11 tips are Read more
Self-Care Saturday Ideas - Weekend Activities
Saturday is the perfect day to practice self-care activities after a busy and stressful week. Discover 38 ideas to take Read more
motivational playlist - productivity songs
This Spotify playlist with 70 songs is here to get you motivated to be productive.Get in the mood to start Read more
9 best ways to practice gratitude
Everywhere around everyone is talking about gratitude. When hearing that word some sort of overwhelm can come up in our Read more
sustainable bathroom products plastic free
Are you trying to make your home a more eco-friendly space? When it comes to creating a plastic-free and sustainable Read more
solar plexus chakra healing
Overview: “I Will” Sanskrit name: Manipura Color: yellow Element: Fire Location: above the navel Characteristics: self-esteem, identity, willpower, independence   Read more
sacral chakra healing
Discover 9 powerful ways to heal your Solar Plexus chakra.  Overview: “I Feel” Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana Color: orange Element: Water Read more
zero waste kitchen swaps
Of course, everyone these days is eager to go zero waste and use less plastics in their own household. We Read more

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