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22 Self-Care And Productivity Habits For Your Sunday Routine

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Here you can find the ultimate list of habit ideas for your perfect self-care Sunday routine.

I divided them into productivity habits and self-care habits. Both are essential for a successful start into the next week and also for taking some time to rest and take care of yourself.

Feel free to try out different habits each Sunday and finally create the routine that is the perfect fit for you.

Just go with what you feel most inspired to do that day.




Prepare For The Week Ahead

Use your calendar and daily planner to write out your to-do list for the week ahead.

Set clear dates for the tasks! This makes sure that you’re actually getting that stuff done, instead of just having it vaguely in the back of your mind.

It’s also important that you break down bigger projects into small and very easy and doable steps.

Into so small and tiny steps that you have absolutely no excuse not to go for it.

Small steps add up eventually and actually pretty fast as well if you plan them in every day.

You can feel the progress toward your dream life on a daily basis.

sunday habit ideas

Give Your Home A Good Clean

Let’s be real. Throughout the week we don’t really find that much motivation to get the cleaning done.

There’re so many other things to do that feel more important at the moment.

Setting a clear day where all the cleaning is happening makes it easier to stay on track.

Just take your time to clean all the spaces that didn’t get so much attention within your work week.


Organize Spaces

Over the week it happens very naturally that our space gets a little messy.

Every Sunday go for the places that need to be tidied up.

For me, it’s oftentimes my pantry, my desk, and my closet.

Just get everything back to its set place and feel the freeing feeling of an organized home.

habit ideas for sunday routine
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Clean Your Car

Another thing that gets messy incredibly quickly. Get all the rubbish out and give it a vacuum – and your car will be happy for another week.


Meal Planning

Do you find yourself struggling to come up with healthy and nutritious recipes after a long and busy day at work?

You’re definitely not alone! Taking the time, we have on the weekends for planning our meals in advance is keeping that type of struggle away and it helps us eating clean also after a stressful day.

It even has an ecological advantage -> only buying what we truly need is reducing waste and we don’t throw away that much food. 



Meal Prepping

Going a step further and also preparing all the meals is saving you so much time and energy throughout the week.

Go for easy to cook one-pot meals. You can get really creative with all the different variations.

There’re a ton of recipes to go through on Pinterest -> I guarantee you that you’ll never get bored by your meals. 



Do Your Laundry

Go around your home and pick up all the randomly thrown off clothes and sort through them.

Change your bedding and towels and wash them as well.

Seeing all the clean clothes in the wardrobe at the end of the day is just a comforting feeling.

Especially because you don’t have to worry about running out of outfits throughout the week.

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Track Your Finances

At the end of the week track your income and outcome to stay on top of your finances.

Write it all down in a separate notebook or use an app.

Also, keep up with the bills that came in over the week and pay them right away or set a clear date for paying them.



Digital Declutter

Transfer all the stuff to your laptop or computer that you don’t need on your phone anymore.

Organize your desktop as well as your folders on your computer and phone.

Delete all unnecessary emails in your inbox. Unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t want to read.

Unfollow accounts and channels that don’t make you feel good about yourself or aren’t in alignment with what you value

Learn A New Skill

Explore your interests and get some deeper knowledge about a topic you always wanted to dive deep into.

There are online classes for nearly every skill and interest.

On YouTube, you can find a lot of information for learning new skills for free.

Sunday habit ideas



Self-Care Sunday Habits:


Take Care Of Your Houseplants

Give your love and care freely to your little green ones. Water them and just give them some extra attention after a busy week.




Make it a habit to spend some time just by yourself.

Do the things you always wanted to do but kinda constantly delayed. Like going to the morning yoga course that takes place every Sunday or something else related to a hobby.

Once a week do something that makes YOU happy.

This can also be as simple as going for a walk in nature or having a little kitchen dance party to your favorite songs.

By the way here you can find my playlist filled with happy songs perfect for said kitchen dance party.


14 fun self-care solo date ideas


Deep Clean Yourself

Light some candles in your bathroom, diffuse your favorite essential oils and take a long and relaxing shower or bath.

Shave, exfoliate, put on some lotion, do your nails, do your eyebrows, and stick to your full step skincare routine.

sunday self-care habits


Get creative

Enter the state of flow that goes beyond your mind.

Do something that lets you forget about time because you enjoy it so much.

This can be anything: dancing, singing, taking photos, playing an instrument, cooking, baking, gardening, reading tarot for yourself, bullet journaling, writing poetry, painting, coloring books,…


Create a relaxing atmosphere

Make your home a place for comfort and relaxation. Some inspiration:

  • Light scented wax candles,
  • re-arrange some smaller furniture,
  • change up your decorations,
  • change your pillows and blankets
  • listen to a calming playlist
Sunday routine


Find Moments Of Stillness

Meditation is what’s immediately coming to mind when we talk about stillness.

If you’re struggling with the basic sit-down-close-your-eyes type of meditation you can try out guided meditations on YouTube or apps like Calm or simple habit


Reading time

Find a comfortable space and sit down with a good book – cuddled in a blanket on your couch, laying on a blanket in your garden or a park, sitting in a cute little café…

Dive deep into other worlds or expand your horizon reading about different life concepts/personal growth books.

sunday routine habit ideas

Go Outside

Fresh air has this magic ability to clear our minds.

Perfect to let go of all the stress of the week that’s behind us now.

Take a few deep breathes and center yourself in the present moment. This is also a form of creating stillness for yourself.

Try to resist the need to think about all the things you want/need to do next week.

Just take these moments to be there with all your senses.

sunday routine habit ideas
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Whichever type of movement comes naturally to you -> do that!

There’s a wide range of ways to move your body: doing an intense HIIT workout, a long yoga session, dancing around the house, a dance workout, stretching, or taking a long walk.


Connect With Family And/Or Friends

Check in with your loved ones at least once a week.

Having someone you can turn to and just talk about everything that’s going on in your life, even if it’s just minor things, is a good habit to keep.

It keeps the bond between you strong and you are still part of each other’s world, even if you can’t see each other a lot. 

It’s easier to stay on top of this habit if you have a set time you call each other every week. 



Reflect on the week

Think about how you felt this week.

Is there something that can be improved to feel better next week? How can you take better care of yourself? Also, think about your happy moments of the week? What made you so happy? Are there ways to invite more little moments of happiness in your life?

You can use these questions as journal prompts if you’d like to write about your week.


Go to bed on time

This one plays perfectly into both themes for the day: self-care and productivity. Giving your body the rest it needs and deserves makes you way more productive the next day and sets the right tone for going after all your goals and dreams.


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