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Throat Chakra Healing: Speak Your Truth

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“I Speak”

Sanskrit name: Vishuddha

Color: blue

Element: Ether

Location: throat

Characteristics: communication, truth, self-expression, inspiration


Meaning Of The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth of the seven chakras located around the throat.

It’s about living life with honesty. Speaking up for yourself and not shying away from the truth. You know what feels true to you and you can clearly communicate that to the outside world.  

throat chakra healing


Healing The Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is out of balance, we feel like we don’t live aligned with our truth. Something is restricting us from authentically expressing ourselves.

This can be the result of being afraid to communicate our boundaries to others, to speak up for ourselves, or to face opposing views when we share our thoughts.

We want to fit in, so we put on a mask and tell people exactly what they want to hear from us to be liked.

We neglect our truth and values to not feel excluded.

In the cases above it’s common that when we speak, we do that in a tone that is avoiding conflicts at all costs.

In communication, the other person is mostly leading the conversation and we are often on the listening side.

But the imbalance can also show itself in the opposite way.

That’s the case when we are talking all the time in conversations and don’t let the other person share their thoughts.

We are so focused on sharing all our opinions that we don’t even care who we talk to.

We somehow force the other person to be the listener.

When other people talk, we often lose focus on what they say because we already think about the next thing we want to bring into the conversation.

This can even lead to interrupting our conversation partner mid-sentence.


Another form of imbalance is gossiping.

Talking negatively about someone behind their back is a sign of undealt things that bother us within ourselves.

Having other people reflect that back at us can cause things to come to the surface we so desperately try to avoid.

But there’s a huge chance for us to ask ourselves what exactly bothers us so much about the other person and where we can find that behavior in ourselves.

It’s also possible that they remind us of past versions of ourselves that we find hard to look at from our now-perspective.

In some cases, the imbalance may stem from growing up with the feeling that our words don’t matter.

That our opinion isn’t valid, not considered or dismissed. Dealing with those feelings over a long period of time affects us in adulthood as well.

We feel like our opinions are worth less than the ones of people who carry themselves with confidence.

Below, I’ve listed 9 ways to heal your throat chakra. Go with the themes that resonate with you the most.


Signs Of Imbalance

  • Fear of speaking
  • people-pleaser
  • Gossiping
  • Lying
  • Low concentration/attention span in conversations
  • Talking all the time but never listening
  • Listening all the time but never talking
  • Interrupting others while they speak
  • fear of communicating your opinions
  • Over-reacting instead of trying to understand opposing views



The characteristics of a healed throat chakra are that we aren’t afraid to express ourselves.

We have a good understanding of who we are and how to share that with the world.

We speak our minds no matter who is with us.

We also have a great tolerance for how other people express their personalities without any judgment.

It’s easy for us to put our thoughts into words and verbalize what’s going on inside of us.

We stick with the truth even if it hurts in the first place – not afraid to not fit other people’s expectations but rather living life true to who we are.

Inevitably this will lead to facing opposing views.

The art of life is to move past that initial discomfort to live an authentic life.


Signs Of Balance

  • Active listening in conversations
  • showing interest in other people’s opinions
  • Speaking truthfully
  • Being very imaginative
  • Expressing yourself verbally without restriction


You can speak these affirmations whenever you feel disconnected from your truth and have difficulty speaking up for yourself. Repeat them in your head or out loud if the situation allows.

  • I speak my truth
  • I stand behind my words
  • I speak with clarity
  • My voice is heard
  • I speak up for myself
  • My words count
  • I listen carefully when others speak
  • I live an authentic life
  • I express who I am freely
  • My opinions are as valid as anyone else’s
  • I share my unique way of seeing the world
  • I live a life that’s aligned with my truth



  • Aquamarine: courage to speak up, speaking with calm confidence, clear mind, creativity
  • Turquoise: inner calm, accepting of self and others, truthful communication, balancing all 7 chakras
  • Blue Calcite: creates a peaceful atmosphere, can be used in challenging conversations, gives your words even more impact/emphasis, increased imagination and inspiration, meaningful and vivid dreams
  • Sodalite: putting your inspirations into action, communicating your emotions clearly
  • Apatite: deeper understanding of why your life unfolded in the way it did – seeing and understanding the meaning, releasing patterns that run in the family, provides ambition to pursue your dreams
  • Blue Lace Agate: speaking your truth around others, increases the effect of affirmations, releasing the attachment to what other people think of you, confidence to express yourself


Essential Oils

  • Rosemary: keeps bad dreams away, purifies your space, better memory
  • Sage: releasing negative energy, aligns mind, body and soul
  • Cedarwood: creates a relaxing environment, calming the chatter of the mind, soothing in stressful times
  • Lime: energizing, self-esteem, uplifting

Journal Prompts

Journaling brings our deepest thoughts on paper and out of our heads. Take your time to answer the questions below to discover which throat chakra theme causes your imbalance and how you can change the situation for the better.

  • Do I have difficulties sharing my true opinions with others?
  • What are my favorite ways to express myself?
  • Do I speak up when someone treats me or others poorly?
  • Do I stand behind my truth when I’m with others?
  • In which areas of my life I don’t feel heard or recognized?
  • Do I gossip a lot? If yes, what is the other person reflecting back at me? What am I avoiding or even pushing away in myself?
  • Reflecting on past conversations, who did most of the talking? Did the situation feel equal? Did you show interest in what the other person said and did they do the same with you?
  • How can I improve the dynamics of the conversations I lead? Am I more the talker or the listener? How can I bring more balance into my interactions?


Yoga Poses


Fish Pose

throat chakra healing



Wild Thing

throat chakra healing




Plow Pose

throat chakra




Lord Of The Fishes

throat chakra healing


Shoulder Stand

throat chakra healing



A general saying is to eat the colors of the rainbow, which align with the colors of each chakra.


  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Plums
  • Blue grapes
  • Figs
  • Elderberries


  • Eggplant
  • Purple Cabbage
throat chakra healing



Frequency: 741 Hz (Solfeggio)

Mantra: HAM

For Sound healing, you can use singing bowls holding the throat chakra frequency or chant the mantra HAM in your meditation practice. Singing is also a good way to activate your throat chakra.

There’re also quite a few videos on YouTube:



Find a comfortable position. Close your eyes.

Imagine a deep blue light circle in the center of your neck.

With each breath you take the circle gets bigger and bigger and the blue light becomes clearer and brighter.

Grow the circle with your breath until your whole neck is filled with blue radiant light.

Hold the circle for a couple of minutes and feel how its light is cleansing the energy in your throat chakra.

All words of dishonesty and masks you’ve lived out for others get washed away by the strong blue light you’ve created. You now embody your truth.

In addition, you could combine this visualization technique with chanting the mantra HAM, speaking the affirmations from above, or listening to the throat chakra frequency.

Repeat this practice whenever you feel like your voice isn’t heard or appreciated during your day.


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