Ways To Find Back To Your True Self When Feeling Off

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When we feel off, our minds are struggling with all the things, we “should” be doing. But instead, we feel like not doing anything that screams productivity.

In our world having a to-do list full of “boss-babe” action steps is the lifestyle that’s presented to us everywhere we look.

Being in the energy of constantly doing without giving yourself the time to reflect if what you are doing is actually useful to the life you’re trying to create, can indeed cause some imbalance within yourself.

We feel pulled in so many different directions that we end up feeling overwhelmed and anxious. We try to hold ourselves accountable to a lifestyle that can only be manageable if the day had 34 instead of 24 hours.

It’s time to look at your life and see where true pure happiness is coming in.

find back to your true self when feeling off


Which area of your life gives back as much or more as you give into it? What do you value in life? What do you do when you feel connected to your core?

Of course, action steps toward your goals are important, but it’s way more about your intentions behind the steps you are taking.

Are you acting out of inspiration, drive, and optimism? Or out of fear: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of missing out, fear of not having enough time.

When we are truly aligned with what we want from life the action steps will present themselves naturally and without pressure.

Having patience with the unfolding of our life and not always having an answer right away is one of the hardest but most beneficial things we can learn. Always having trust in our own journey and that eventually everything is falling into place is a truth that is sometimes difficult to see. Especially in the middle of chaos.

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find back to your true self when feeling off


If you are experiencing the middle of chaos right now, first of all, feel hugged (those very comforting long hugs).

I’ve listed some activities that can help you find back to your truth and center so that you feel inspired to take action again, but with a deeper meaning behind them.

These things are also what I do every time I feel disconnected from my true self when I lack inspiration and have a lot on my plate but don’t know what is truly of importance.



ways to find back to inner alignment

Facing the emotions, you are experiencing without any attachment is transforming your inner state already. Because the real discomfort is not solely coming from the emotions themselves but largely from our resistance to feeling them.

Healing hurt feelings is only possible by facing the pain. Otherwise, you will carry it with you everywhere you go.

The body stores unresolved trauma in different energy centers (chakras) which then makes a coherent energy flow impossible.

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Consciously going back to the situations that hurt you in any way with loving and gentle awareness helps to resolve the energy around the whole experience and also the wrong beliefs you’ve gained through it.

Give the version of you the love you needed in that situation. Try to find compassion for everyone involved as anyone who hurts is deeply hurt themselves.

Feel the negative energy leaving your body and your whole being. Make the decision to cut the cords.

After that: which new beliefs about yourself did you gain releasing the pain of the past? Do you feel lighter, relieved?

Know that with every new pain you experience you got the chance to face it right away ,and hence release it when it doesn’t have that much power of your subconscious mind yet.

It’s impossible to prevent hurtful experiences but we can choose to give ourselves space to process them and let them go. Neglecting or pushing away the pain is self-harm.


As much as we need to let ourselves feel the pain, we also need to let joy come through.

We tend to downplay joyful moments in times we feel like we should be in pain all the time. We let those small moments of bliss pass by because we feel like we don’t deserve to experience them right now.

Guilt for being happy in sad times is just as harmful as pushing away feelings we don’t want to deal with.

What is more in alignment with ourselves than the things that have the ability to make our heart melt even for a few seconds in unsettling times? Allow them to come through and bit by bit bring you back to yourself again.


Speaking Affirmations In The Mirror

One of the best ways to rewire the spinning negative thoughts in your head is to replace them with the truth. You aren’t born with these thoughts. It’s on you to reclaim your power and choose better feeling thoughts.

Choose affirmations that resonate with you. Create your own affirmations based on what reality you’re trying to create.


Affirmations are even more powerful when you stand in front of a mirror looking yourself in the eyes.

It’s quite intense and uncomfortable at first but it gets better with practice and soon it becomes the number one thing to feel more confident in yourself and aligned with your core being – which knows all your positive affirmations to be true already.

Another way to work with affirmations is to choose the ones that resonate the most, record yourself speaking them (your own voice makes them more believable to your subconscious mind than listening to a stranger’s voice), and listening to them at night while you sleep.

That’s when the conscious mind is at rest and cannot interfere by saying that these affirmations aren’t the truth.

There is no barrier and filter of the mind. The subconsciousness accepts whatever you throw at it and keeps on manifesting your reality by the deepest beliefs you have about yourself.

Confronting it with new beliefs needs a lot of repetition. Make it a habit to play the record every single night until you feel a shift.

You can also play it throughout your day as background noise or repeating the affirmations together with the record.

find back to your true self when feeling off



When you feel like it’s all too much to take in any longer just let your emotions flow freely and cry it out.

Society has a weird attachment to crying. I noticed a lot when people are crying in a public situation they leave the room, they feel sorry, they try to hold back the tears, they hide their emotions.

We bottle up emotions all the time because we think it’s not appropriate to show them in the situation.

But doing that all the time without giving us space to actually let all the emotions out is letting us walk with that energy day in day out. When you feel like crying, do so!

You are never weak for letting people (or yourself) know how you truly feel. That you are hurt. It’s okay and everyone who wants to downplay your feelings has a lot of work to do on themselves.

There’s a huge distinction between crying because something deeply hurt you and being overdramatic.

find back to your true self when feeling off


Sitting In Silence

Not like meditation where you try to calm your thoughts. It’s more like effortlessly sitting down, closing your eyes, and let everything come up that wants to come up without attachment. The noise of your thoughts as well as the sounds in your external world. This way you’ll notice that even silence is not that silent.

You can also do a mindfulness practice where you include your senses: what do you see (yes also with eyes closed), what can you touch, what do you smell, what do you hear, what do you taste. This practice brings you back to the present moment and makes you feel grounded.

Right here and right now you are safe. Tell yourself that every time you feel anxious.


(Guided) Meditation


When sitting in silence feels too uncomfortable because your head is still spinning and you just can’t focus, guided meditations are a good alternative.

Your attention is somewhat guided and you aren’t losing your focus that fast.

There’re lots of meditations for every phase of life you could be in. I love to use mediation apps like simple habit when I feel the need to calm my mind but just can’t sit still in regular meditation.

But there’re also helpful guided mediations on YouTube or Spotify.





A good way to create a clear mental space is to bring your thoughts on paper and out of your head.

Writing down what’s going on in your mind gives you the chance to literally look at it. Solutions become more apparent, you become more open to other viewpoints and see the bigger picture.

It’s helping to release negative emotions because writing about them is a form of expressing them.

Some journal prompts to help you reflect and heal:

What emotions am I avoiding to feel?

What bothers me so much about my situation – are the reasons ego-based?

How can I show myself love?





There’s always something that makes us feel our heart.

Feeling our whole appreciation for it attracts more things we can appreciate with the same intensity.

This can also be as simple as your breath. Breathing into your heart can also cause a float of gratitude that’s coming from your heart filling your whole body.

Mostly it’s just about stopping for a few seconds and allow the whole feeling of gratitude in.

Let yourself feel the whole range of it.

Look around and inside you and you will already have an abundance of things you can be grateful for.

If you often find yourself having thoughts like “I should be there already” or “if this or that happens, I will be happy”, this practice is perfect for you.


Only by appreciating the present moment, we can create a future that is aligned with what we truly want.

Coming from a place of lack and frustration about your current life will only create the same experiences that align with exactly these thoughts.

But when you shift your focus away from what you don’t like about your present moment and to what you DO like you create more of that feeling of contentment and happiness in the future.

The negative things about your current situation only exist because you created your future from a place of fear in the past.

Every second you got the chance to choose to see the beauty of your life and enhance it by your appreciation.


Fresh Air

Going outside, feeling the fresh air, and seeing something different than your room is also giving your mind a new space.

Your mind expands as your view expands. To come to a solution to what you’re going through sometimes a shift in your environment can make a huge difference.

It’s easier to see the bigger picture of the situation.

Being in nature always makes me feel at peace no matter what situation I’m in.

It’s the beauty of the golden hour, a sunset or sunrise, being near water,… – nature is giving peacefulness for free.


What does a life aligned with your Soul/Higher Self looks like? Where are you living? Who is around you? What are you wearing?

Even more important is to look at your daily routine. What would you do after waking up? How does your ideal morning or night routine look like? What are you doing for a living?

Having a clear picture of how your life in alignment with your values looks like makes it easier for you to make decisions and form habits that align you with the energy of that life right now.

Day by day you merge your current life with the life you aspire to live. This once again lets you make little changes to your everyday life out of a place of intention and alignment and not out of fear.

What do you do to find back to your core when you feel off? Tell me in the comments


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